3-D Tetris

  • Id: 2069
  • Platforms: Vboy
  • Abbreviation: 3dtetris
  • Display Name: 3-D Tetris
  • Game Groups:
  • 3D,Tetris
  • Puzzle


3-D Tetris is a thrilling take on a classic title. Demanding quick responses and well-planned strategy, the three-dimensional playing field requires both dexterity and foresight in order to achieve success.
Here, author Cyorter tackles the game's Puzzle mode with tool-assisted precision.

Note: There is also a lossless encode available in the discussion thread.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good 3D Tetris (U).vb U Vboy
Sha1: 5177015A91442E56BD76AF39447BCA365E06C272
Md5: ECF1218706E9B547EAB9E4BE58D54E21