Submission #2075: BioSpark's SNES Inspector Gadget in 14:00.25

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 50415
ROM Filename Inspector Gadget (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 8194
Unknown Authors BioSpark
Game Inspector Gadget
Submitted by BioSpark on 8/24/2008 9:40:31 PM

Submission Comments
  • Snes9X v1.43+ v15 (lua 0.05)
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
Inspector Gadget is a not-so-well-known game where you control Inspector Gadget and use his array of gadgets to help you rescue Penny. Each time a gadget is used, it uses up a certain amount of hats. Only a few of the gadgets are useful in this TAS, though.

Gadgets used

Blue copter

The blue copter is obviously used to move faster than walking. It is only useful over long distances because its duration is timed. When the blue copter symbol is flashing, Gadget will be invincible while using it.

Red copter

A damaging copter that can be controlled. It is the main weapon used for fighting bosses because of its strength and its ability to be controlled.

Hook/grapple thing

The yellow hook that comes out of Inspector Gadget's hat. Used for vertical climbing in different situations.

Plunger arrows

Those weird things Gadget shoots that stick to walls. Also used for vertical climbing.


Used to break through blocks in the floor a few times.


Used a few times to kill enemies. For enemies I can't kill without stopping, I damage boost through them.


Used once near the end to leave me with six hats.

Level by level

Level 1

Nothing much here. I go in the warp to collect some hats to use on the blue copter.

Level 2

In the second section, I collect some red copters for the boss. A vertical part like this sucks because the camera does not keep up. While I am not on camera, I damage boost off of an enemy to get across a large gap.

Level 3

A very easy level. Blue copters to get to the end and a red copter on the boss. I used a shiny blue copter to kill a fish that comes out of the water that would normally get in my way.

Level 4

Almost just as easy. Blue copters again with a few enemies along the way. Red copter on the boss.

Level 5

I take damage to skip hitting a switch in the first part. I take a shortcut in the second part, but I have to slow down a bit because plunger arrows only work if Gadget is on screen. Massive time saver in the third part by using a shiny blue copter to skip most of the spikes.

Level 6

Falling in the first part, copters in the second, and springs in the third. Not much there. The fourth area with the lifts only needs to be fast enough to catch one of the lifts toward the end. Normally for the boss, he sucks away all of your remaining hats before the fight so that you can't use gadgets. However, I use a red copter to bring me down to zero to save time and to use it on the boss, making the fight much easier and quicker.
This wasn't all that bad to make. It was actually somewhat fun. Hope you enjoy.

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