Submission #2090: max12187566's NES Zen Intergalactic Ninja in 12:28.07

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 44884
ROM Filename Zen Intergalactic Ninja(U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 11577
Unknown Authors max12187566
Game Zen: Intergalactic Ninja
Submitted by max12187566 on 9/11/2008 12:05:52 AM

Submission Comments
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Game objectives

  • Emulator used: <FCEU 0.98.25>
  • <Aims for fastest time>
  • <Manipulates luck >
  • <With bug >
  • <Take damage to save time >
  • <Difficulty NORMAL >


This is the theme of the game and the pollution of the Earth, on the Galaxy samurai to protect the Earth, and the demons start a fight.Eventually, defeated the Beelzebub, Save the Earth

Stage by stage comments

The game can arbitrarily choose hurdles, I choose the order is: Base - firefighters - Railway - strange flowers


All the way up, basically did not stop, only less than the laser where, how delay also can not eliminate, but I use Memory data,in order to delay down to the bottom, so a knife as little as possible, to as much as possible kill enemy Reduce delays.


The Commissioner has just begun, to select a shortcut, significantly saving time, saving the order after several debugging, is the best, kill first, reduce delays and the second is a strange gave seven fire extinguishers, BOSS to have a good effect. In addition, the customs has also used the delay in exchange for the time and each having a fire extinguisher at all times by the board to speed up the wall.BOSS wartime, the use of fire extinguishers and two sets easily get even strokes. The second BOSS, is the ultimate form of the first BOSS (three patterns are the same, only play three times), the use of scrolls, from the board to the left wall, a few seconds on the attack in advance to the BOSS, almost no attack Intervals, for the shortest distance, he put the eradication of, or otherwise, the higher the longer the arrival time.


The Commissioner found that this is a BUG, the vehicle is about to change, click jump, and then will immediately go to the top, but there is a speed up the process, it is difficult to see from eyes, take advantage of this, in turn, raise many . This comparison-related delay, delay is automatically screen, so in order to ensure interesting, from time to time the Galaxy warrior in the vehicle, "ventilation", the middle of a rock fall, destroyed as much as possible in advance to ensure fewer delays. On-line road, tips, which, in one place more direct in the past, did not go right, thus saving time.


The beginning will make a BOSS, the BOSS has a weakness, as long as he held up bottles, you can attack 6-8, and then he will have a Squat action, if at this time beat him, then he will A section of big chong forward, will walk past a waste of time, so he squatted down, I have also carried out an attack and then quickly come to the far left, to me at this time he will be here-over, until the edge of the most He will Tiaoqi, this attack does not affect the spacing and timing, so soon get.


This war can not let him meet you halfway there are two additional blood, it is worth mentioning that the BOSS I found a trick, as is the increase in the blood can walk in the process, you can use a stick to pick Back, and so stood up, still does not attack you, or blood can increase as the direction, this time using a stick in the pick, three times after, BOSS to get, he added without giving a blood, the biggest upgrade here.

Final BOSS

Need to fight two times, First time: just one, we can attack them, rather than wait until the fall in the take-off, thus eliminating the first attack, then he would not move, a jump attack first, there is nothing to said. Second times: one can jump the second attack, two half-way will increase the blood, as far as possible close, eliminating the walking time. Greatly enhance the effect.

Other comments

This is what I repeatedly amended the three works, but also a good theme that we all love

mmbossman: Despite some minor technical issues, I think this movie is worthy of publication. Accepting.
ShinyDoofy: Processing...

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