Submission #2104: Adebis's NES Ufouria: The Saga in 25:32.43

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.0.2
Game Version Europe Frame Count 76632
ROM Filename Ufouria (E).nes Frame Rate 50.0069789081886
Branch Rerecord Count 20718
Unknown Authors Adebis
Game Ufouria: The Saga
Submitted by Adebis on 10/1/2008 11:06:00 PM

Submission Comments


Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.0.2
  • Aims fastest time possible
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Takes damage to save time

Glitches/Tricks used

Moonwalking/Sliding/Stopping Instantly

Moonwalking: pressing opposite direction frame before you hit the ground
Sliding: pressing downforward frame before you hit the ground and then holding down
Only usefull at the ice cave where i change to bob-louie and slide second part of the ice cave with his faster movement speed also you can kill small enemies while sliding which comes handy because bob-louie cant jump on ice.
Stopping Instantly: not pressing any direction key frame before hitting ground
This stops character instantly even if at full speed good when need to turn fast mostly used when in jungle for first time

Faster Throwing

Normally any charather throws behind their backs but by turning around frame before the throw and then turning back the ball will be thrown from the front of the character really usefull at Freeon-leeon and Gil battles

Skipping Shades

It is possible to skip one of the characters which is only required to one jump in the game but that jump is possible with bob-louie too by having right subpixel position, jumping at the last frame possible and doing mario like wall jump(thanks to Blublu, Fihlvein and KennyMan666 for discovering this). The jump happens at frames 6845-6900

Charging secret weapon with another characher

The game has 4 secret weapons one for each characher but only one is required because you can change character at mid charge and then use other characters secret weapon even if you dont have it expect gils secret weapon which is required to have because of those bricks you need to bomb and if you change characters the bricks will just come back so its required to get.


Pretty simple since i decided to use death as a shortcut basicly get item and die.



Freeon-Leeon and Gil battles were probably hardest to optimize because the ball needs to be thrown from right position so you can get it again fast and keep it close to boss so you can hit him as fast as possible you can pick ball again after 48 frames has passed from the throw. You may notice the boss wont blink all the time which i think is impossible to do there is always one or two thorws where you need to sacrifice few frames, if i just try throw always fast as possible the ball will go too far and it will lose even more frames.

Creature #1 (Suction Cup)

This boss was easiest of all, First phase nothing special always get ball first frame its possible to pick and throw it instantly. Second phase is pretty annoying because you need to wait him to come back down before you can hit him only last hit needs to be done fast if the boss would blink 5-10 frames less it would be possible to do this faster.


Pretty much the same as Freeon-Leeon only thing different is Gil is little bit faster which actually made him little bit easier

Cat #1 (Red Key)

For me this is most enjoyable fight in the game only thing bothered me on first phase was the last alien kitty he drops in the corner which makes last hit pretty long after first hits were so fast and only way to make him drop it elsewhere is to make second last hit later but that makes it even longer. Second phase was simple.

Creature #2 (Gil's Secret Weapon)

This was really frustrating simply because when testing optimal spot to hit so gil can accelrate much as possible and then test when to swim up, which frame i can pickup the ball and then it wasnt right spot go back again try to hit one frame later do the same things. Not really so hard to do but sure did take a lot of time.

Cat #2 (Green Key)

This was pretty easy boss to do nothing special expect after first hit im able to go other side. Fun Fact: "All" Three characters was used in this fight.

Cat #3 (Blue Key)

First phase: Pretty easy to do not so exiting to watch Second phase: ...

Final Boss

Nothing to say Little guy got abused and probably got scarred for life.

Thanks to

Blublu: His old runs inspired me to do this also gave some feedback
KennyMan666: Always giving feedback and ideas without him this run most likely wouldnt be finished

mmbossman: Good viewer response; accepting.
ShinyDoofy: Processing...

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