Illusion of Gaia

  • Action
  • RPG


A fairly straightforward adventure RPG game played in very fast pace. Lots of events are squeezed into a movie of just 2 hours.
Note: This movie is three minutes longer than the previous one, because this plays the secret "Gem Mansion" which the previous version did not. Nevertheless, it is much more optimized than the previous version.
Illusion of Gaia is set in a historical fantasy-based Earth and as such it contains real-world sites and puzzles.
SmashManiac has no time for taking in the landmarks and puzzles and instead jumps straight to the end of the game by abusing a save glitch.

Game Versions

TypeNameTitle OverrideRegionVersionPlatformHashes
Good Illusion of Gaia (USA).sfc U SNES SHA1: 38DE0C84DD2BC3BDFC0A3D7AB0220C79B70887C3
MD5: A7C7A76B4D6F6DF389BD631757B91B76