Submission #2207: Sonikkustar's Genesis McDonald's Treasureland Adventure in 24:33.63

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version USA Frame Count 88418
ROM Filename McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (U) [!].bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5839
Unknown Authors Sonikkustar
Game McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure
Submitted by Sonikkustar on 3/30/2009 8:12:44 PM

Submission Comments
This is a TAS of a game very few people know existed, and fewer know of the history. This is McDonald's Treasureland Adventure!.....And stuff! I believe this is the first game ever made by Treasure. Either that or the first game by Treasure to come to the U.S.
This Run:
-Aims for fastest time
-Takes damage to save time
-Plays at hardest level
-Manipulates luck
The Plot is that Ronald McDonald is walking in the "magical" forest when he sees a ripped piece of a map near a tree. He wonders where the rest of the map pieces were. But he didn't know that three bad guys had the other pieces.So he basically runs off, kills the life around him, hurts the bad guys, takes the pieces of the map, and then flies to the moon to hurt an alien. Why Ronald, WHY?!
Level 1 - Magical Forest
This is a pretty straightforward level with nothing too impressive. Just jumping and walking. The tree at 1-2 was painfully hard to work on but luckily I made it through. So then, I go into a monster where I do a little trick in 1-6 that saved quite some time on a test run. After that, the first boss is met... and brought to his knees.
Level 2 - Magical City
Most of this level is just scrolling. So for entertainment I just got all items and killed all enemies. It was kinda boring to look at though. Then three screens of peaceful non-scrolling, and then then guess what.... more scrolling! So I go into a tunnel with ballerinas that can stand on the track itself but I cant. What?! So after that, I go to a weasel. This is where the luck is manipulated so that he throws his hat and I hurt him. I quickly jump to action into the city. After a climb up a really demented building, I fight the boss and beat it with 8 seconds worth of actual time doing damage.
Level 3 - Magical Islands
This is where things get a little bit sloppy. At the beginning, I float down and into another scrolling section. While there, I discover something new! Not useful but new, so I use it for entertainment. After that, I have to go onto shore and to another pirate ship. Then comes a section with hooks. After that section I get sunk and go inside the ship. This part is too long to describe so I don't describe it. Next comes the boss and this was also a pain to work on.
Level 4 - Magical Moon
The last level. This description may make the game look short but it's not! Anyways I land onto the surface which apparently has grass and squids on it. Then after that guess what.... MORE SCROLLING! This one is more basic though since there are no enemies. So after that, I walk around when I'm suddenly abducted. To the space ship part of the level. There were some sections I used numerous tricks in like 4-7, and 4-9. Finally, I get to the final boss room where I use a trick to make the fight a LOT faster. Too bad it still turned into the 4 minutes that made up the run.I end the movie with Ronald up close to the alien since it's faster.
-If you use the handkerchief and take damage at the same time, you will still have control. I use this a lot!
-The spinning platform on 4-9 has a weird property. It kinda acts like a catapult of some sorts. This is used to zoom across almost all of 4-9 and bypass that section with balls.(Good god that sounded wrong)
-At the final boss, you can hit the boss from under. This shortened the fight by about two or three minutes from normal play time. Maybe even more!
-The drops from enemies mostly depends on the frame you kill them on. Others depend on the X position they're killed at. I'm not sure if this is completely true though.

Oh and one more thing, thanks to ShinyDoofy and RattleMan for encouraging me to finish. Even though they posted maybe like 3 comments it was enough to make me finish this run.

mmbossman: Despite the large amount of auto-scrollers, and the looong final boss (which I don't think is optimal), this is surprisingly interesting. And trippy. Most of the viewers seem to enjoy it too, so Ronald gets to be the star of a third movie in our archive.
ShinyDoofy: Processed, about to publish.

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