Submission #2270: DaTeL237's SNES Animaniacs in 22:00.63

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Animaniacs (U) [!].smc
Submitted by DaTeL237 on 6/4/2009 12:38 AM
Submission Comments
A 100% run of Animaniacs for SNES. Aims for a time as low as possible while still collecting all 24 movie scripts (keep watching after credits).
  • Emulator: Snes9X v1.43+ v13 (lua 0.05) for Windows
  • Collects all 24 movie scripts
  • Accumulates maximum (99) number of continues

About the Game

A colorful SNES platformer in which the warners (Yakko, Wakko and Dot) go through a range of scenes to eventually battle Pinky and The Brain.


LUA scripts were intensively used to manipulate the slot-machine. Memory watching was used continuously to optimize movement. Occasionally, TAS Movie Editor (v0.12) was used.

Specific tricks used

Slot Machine

Throughout the entire run, the slot-machine is manipulated to produce positive results. The result of a spin is determined by the moment it starts spinning and the current value in a (Pseudo) Random Number Generator (PRNG). Thus by stopping the current spin early, one can manipulate the next spin (since it will be started earlier). By examining the game code (thanks Nitrodon) it was possible to construct a LUA script to predict the outcome of the PRNG and hence the frame to stop the current spin in order to get the desired result. Consequently, the maximum number of continues is achieved and invincibility is available whenever nessecary.

Double Lane Change

The Warners walk in predefined lanes. While airborn, the warners can only change one lane. When changing from a lane while standing on ground to a lane that has no ground (or a lower), one can continue 'walking on air' until the new lane is reached. By jumping at that exact frame, one can start a jump that counts as if it was started in the new lane, hence a second lane-change can be done.

Coin Dispenser

In the first scene of the Fantasy Stage, the warners chase a familiar white rabbit while riding brooms. Every time the player jumps, the rabbit releases a silver coin to be collected. In this scene a lot of coins are conjured by doing so continuously.

Pinky and The Brain

The final boss has 4 different attack sequences; (1) spawn two enemies , (2) attack with four canon-balls, (3) reign fire over the stage, (4) a combination of all three attacks. They are manipulated to only use the quickest attack.


Minor speed-entertainment trade-offs were made. For instance a slot-machine combo can introduce some lag, so the fastest run could be achieved by manipulating the slot-machine to never produce any result.

Credits (in alphabetic order)

  • All Snes9x contributors for creating the emulator
  • All TAS Movie Editor contributors for creating it
  • Atma for helping with a bug in TAS Movie Editor
  • Bisqwit + encoders + publishers for running this community
  • DeHackEd for adding LUA support to Snes9x
  • Gocha for creating Snes9x memory watcher
  • Konami Co. Ltd. for developing the game
  • Nintendo for creating the SNES console
  • Nitrodon for disassembling and examining the slot-machine code
  • Ryo Ohkubo for creating JoyToKey
  • Warner Bros for creating the Animaniacs concept

mmbossman: A very fun movie to watch, with good antics and above average luck manipulation. I approve.
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