Submission #2273: Cpadolf's SNES Contra III - The Alien Wars "glitched" in 03:20.38

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 12023
ROM Filename Contra III - The Alien Wars (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch glitched Rerecord Count 28771
Unknown Authors Cpadolf
Game Contra III: The Alien Wars
Submitted by Cpadolf on 6/5/2009 12:05:52 PM

Submission Comments

Emulator details

  • Emulator used: Snes9x 1.43v12 (beta 10)
  • Sync settings:
    • Use WIP 1 timing

Details on the run

  • Aims for Fastest Time
  • Uses Death as a Shortcut
  • Abuses Programming Errors
  • Manipulates Luck
  • Played on Hardest Difficulty
  • Spins around

About the run

I seem to return to this when I'm bored with stuff, this time it is 173 frames faster than the old run. The reason I did it besides boredom was that I noticed an embarrassing mistake when watching the previous run, so I had to go fix it. This was not using the spreader on the first boss, I didn't do it last time because you got way to many points from the boss when killing it with that gun, but as long as the last shot is something else that doesn't matter, which I didn't think of at the time. I also somewhat underestimated its usefulness on level 2, and 4. Furthermore, last time I wasn't able to find position addresses for the overhead stages, but this time I managed to do so.


Level 1 - Nothing. Switched homing missiles for the spread gun though.
Level 2 - 34 frames. The position addresses helped to make more sense of this level, both the overhead levels are completely ridiculous to optimize. This is pretty much purely from better movement and turns, I also got luckier at the end of the level and didn't have to wait in order to get a bomb.
Boss - 28 frames. Solely from using the spreader instead of the laser for the larger part of the battle.
Level 3 - Nothing.
Level 4 - 7 frames. One from not having to manipulate a frame in order to get a C from the first blimp, and the rest from dieing in a different way. The only possible way I see no make this level faster would be to get killed by the 4th bikes gunfire instead of the 5th, but if you do so you have to detonate the bomb earlier, and because of that, the last bike rider won't be able to kill (he will survive with a few hp left at best).
Level 5 - 36 frames. I found out that the first bug hole could be destroyed through the wall if you pressed up against it and had a good angle, this saved 5 frames or so. The rest is simply from moving around better through the level, and also destroying the last bug hole faster by shooting with the machine gun at it after the three Crush missiles has been fired.
Boss 2 - 69 frames saved. I noticed that the damage from the Crush missiles depended on when you fired it, from where and what angle and so forth. And it turned out that you could do a lot more damage to the boss with them if standing really close while still invincible (and delaying a frame sometimes, and moving around a little). This made the battle very hard do optimize. There where also a unfortunate side effect because of this. Since I had to be up close for the first half or so of the battle, it was not possible to manipulate the path the snake took very well. Basically whatever you did he would get around you in a half circle, or stop and cover the eye (because after the point where his path would not be affected very much by you moving, there where too little time left on the invincibility counter, so it was not possible to get on the other side of the snake and survive). Still this didn't cost much time, especially not in comparison with what was saved.
Level 6 - Nothing. I turned around on the same frame that I detonated the bomb and ended the movie, because for some reason an enemy popped up too early on the left side, making it impossible to get the extra life at the right moment. This didn't cost any time though.

mmbossman: Accepting as a dizzying improvement to the published run.
ShinyDoofy: Processing.

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