Submission #2380: computerbird's GBA Megaman Zero2 in 53:26.95

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 192417
ROM Filename Megaman Zero 2 (U).gba Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 25093
Unknown Authors computerbird
Game Mega Man Zero 2
Submitted by computerbird on 8/19/2009 12:06:13 PM

Submission Comments
Hello, everyone! My 3rd Megaman Zero series TAS run now finished! It's totally 21061 frames farster than the published run by Xaphan. But I have end the input before the credits roll, so this run is accurately 7065 frames farster.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA 1.72 + Rerecording v21
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck
  • And so on


Comparisons Table

Stage or Check PointPublished movieThis submissionGained
Game start41433780363
Intro stage50874926161
Forest Of Dysis74947286208
Computer Zone76377375262
Power Room93938810583
Train Of N.A.77287261467
Assault On N.A.1017310014159
Way to Dialog1125111015
Aerial Stage138741380371
Forest Of Notus73747451-77
Way to Dialog1161111546
Computer Zone 262765889387
Crystal Cave81027616486
Shuttle Factory62005920280
N.A. Entrance80207761259
Temple Of Fire60565575481
Temple Of Ice63656135230
Temple Of Air86648235429
Final Stage34426325081918
Credits Roll13996013996
Total gained:21061frames

About the EXskill

The EXskill's combo level is different from MMZ3 or MMZ4, use them before you use the triple slash is the right way. And the EXskill KOUGENJIN is useless, but i have opened it to show how to use it in a right way, because it is really a little special.

About the combo levels

I'll put some attack action's combo level I have found in here:
  • LV1:Jump slash, Dash slash, Stand slash, Move slash, Charged slash, all the EXskills of saber, all of the shoot attack, nomal attack with chain rod, charge shield, the first hit with charge chain rod.
  • LV2:Double slash, the second hit with charge chain rod.
  • LV3:Triple slash, the third hit with charge chain rod.
  • LV4:The fourth hit with charge chain rod.

About weapon level up choose:

Accroding to the combo system of this game, and with klmz's suggestion, I have chose to make the saber and chain rod levelup for their charged attack.

About Phoenix Magnion's battle

This battle is the most specially boss battle in Megaman Zero series. The electrical attack will takes more damege, but it also will stop Magnion's action, then we can't do any combo attack, and just when it use the shadow attack or rush attack, we can combo it, so I have choose some nomal property attacks and manipulate its rush attack and shadow attack come out to fight with it.

About Kuwagust Anchus & Herculious Anchortus's battle:

Another specially battle, you can't finish this battle if they don't crash into each other, though their HP are equal to 0, the improved in this battle is let Kuwagust Anchus to catch Zero to stop its action, it could be save lots of frames.

Other comments


  • Thanks to Xaphan specially for his excellent speedruns.
  • Thanks to klmz and zhangsongcui specially for their very useful suggestions.
  • Thanks to every whoever hosting, administrating, contributing to and/or visting this site.
All of the Megaman Zero series TAS improvment work are complete now, hope you all enjoy these run~!

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