Submission #2459: veup's DS Tetris DS in 01:37.53

Nintendo DS
DeSmuME 9.0.4
0366 - Tetris DS (U).nds
Submitted by FractalFusion on 11/21/2009 12:45 AM
Submission Comments
FractalFusion: I am submitting this on veup's behalf. It completes Standard Marathon sooner (1:37.24) and has many interesting little tricks (such as all-clears). Note the score at the end.
Fix ARM Cycle Count is off this time. Fast Fetch-Execute should be left off. Any version of rerecording DeSMuMe should work this time.
  • Aims for fastest time.
For more information regarding Tetris DS, see the previous submission.
Enjoy watching, and remember, TAS is serious business.

mmbossman: Setting this to "Needs more information". If the author of this input file does not want his works submitted here without his consent, or does not explicitly state his desires regarding this submission within a reasonable amount of time, this submission will either be rejected and locked or outright deleted (I have not decided yet). However, if the author makes it known that he is ok with this movie being submitted under his name, this submission will be judged as usual. Please restrict the discussion of this movie to whether or not it should be published based on entertainment and technical prowess, and not authorship.

mmbossman: Information acquired, accepting this for publication. To all: From this point forward, it would be much appreciated if you only submit your own work, so that we can avoid situations like this in the future.

Flygon: Encoding...

Spikestuff: 2018 Note. Emulator: DeSmuME v0.9.4+.
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