Submission #253: Walker Boh's NES Little Mermaid in 07:38.65

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Famtasia
Game Version USA Frame Count 27519
ROM Filename Little Mermaid (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 800
Unknown Authors Walker Boh
Game The Little Mermaid, Disney's
Submitted by Walker Boh on 8/6/2004 2:02:44 AM

Submission Comments
I noticed that I had a vote on my previous attempt on this game. I decided to try and see if there was something to improve and obvious it was ;P I think I improved it by 18 seconds, mostly because of killing bosses faster but also some minor stuffs.
Well. It´s a Disney game and they are mostly funny to play. This is, well I think it´s more for the younger players actually. It´s very easy and short and anyone should be able to complete this. But not this fast =)
Ariel swims faster in straight lines so I didn´t swim diagonally (spelled right) more then I needed to. I also managed to manipulate better "enemy dropping" So I could kill the bosses faster.
Well that´s it. It´s not the best game in the world but atleast it´s fast now. It´s somewhat relaxing to watch and play.
Probably question: "Why should this movie be published?" Simply because it´s quite well played. As mentioned it´s not that great game. And it´s definetly not hard, but still it´s well played.
As fast as possible.
Manipulates luck
No damage is taken
/Walker Boh

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