Submission #2606: maTO's Genesis Mega Turrican in 12:51.95

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version USA Frame Count 46317
ROM Filename Mega Turrican (U) [!].bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 12685
Unknown Authors maTO
Game Mega Turrican
Submitted by maTO on 3/21/2010 9:04:51 PM

Submission Comments
Mega Turrican is a Turrican 3 port from Amiga with slightly modified octopus boss at second stage.
Movie features:
  • Emulator used: Gens 11a
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Dies to reload bombs
  • Plays on hardest difficulty
Unlike the previous Turrican game, Universal Soldier, in this game you have a limited rolling power.
00FFBF23 - The most important memory address in the game (thanks for Sonikkustar!).
It depletes every 18 frame and when you enter the rolling mode. The rolling energy meter can also be seen below energy bar.
-You can fire a shot every 7 frames, or every 8 if you want to use missiles.
-Bombs do 30 damage, grant you an immunity for 55 frames or so and reloads for one piece at the end of a stage or part of stage.
-Mines can be layed every 9 frames when you're in rolling mode. They do a whopping 6 damage per frame. If you exit rolling mode just after laying a mine, you have to roll until the wait time expires.
Red: Multishot - first one gives you three bullets and second one gives six bullets. You have to be relatively close to enemies to get all of them to hit. Best weapon in most places.
Green: Laser - does three damage to enemies, but some bosses' hit points are drastically lowered when you enter the fight with this weapon, so it's used a few times (Thanks for Sonikkustar for noticing!)
Blue: Rebound - not worth mentioning
Missile: Homing missile - if it has been 8 or more frames since you fired a shot last time, these little goodies come out of your gun. Normally they lock on closest enemy and do one point of damage. This increses bosses' energy by 8 hit points but still pays off pretty quickly
"Green six": Shield - protects from damage for 10 seconds
Heart: - Replenishes your energy until it's maxed
00:40 - I use two bombs here. Using mines when the worm comes close to ground is two seconds slower and you would lose more time being at the center of the screen.
01:38 - These useless looking jumps has to be made to get the platforms in the screen.
02:00 - I die here to reload bombs. Bombs are very fast for killing spawning eyes.
03:50 - I got stuck and lost 5-6 frames, but when I tried to improve this part, later in the stage at 04:05, the small jellyfishes didn't let me pass
04:19 - OCTOPUS: 00FF3E78 and 00FF3E79
Multishot has the best coverage so it hits more often than laser.
I took damage three times here, so I could die easily in fist miniboss later.
05:16 - FIST (00FF03A9)
Fist comes close to ground and it's fate is sealed. Second suicide, because it's cool to have more bombs!
05:37 - FLYING BOT: 00FFC4D7
05:47 - HULK: 00FF03A9
Hulk has a very small hitbox and is hard to hit when it starts jumping, so we use bombs to end this fight fast.
06:20 - SMASHER: 00FF03A9
06:44 - FLYING BOT 2: 00FFC7BF
06:53 - GRABBER: 00FF03A9
Consists of three parts: Alien nest 1, Alien train and Alien nest 2.
Here I encountered a problem with crystal bonus count at the end of stage. Since they are "unavoidable" on your route it's better to collect 150 of them, which is the amount when the game begins to count them two at a time. 00FFBF33 is the memory address and it counts a bit strangely, but I'm not bothering to write it here.
10:09 - Alien Train boss
Alien head has 8 meatballs circling around it. Once one has gotten 11 damage and it's on top of the head, it starts to wiggle and is hurled at you. After each is destroyed a new set enters the fight. I have the addresses of first set:
00FFBFC1, 00FFC2E7, 00FFC781, 00FFC6C7, 00FFC3DF, 00FFBF83, 00FFC64B, 00FFC3A1
After the second set the head is easy to finish off.
11:12 - ALIEN QUEEN: 00FF15E3
11:20 - Bombs give protection against acid and I still get my shots hit at close range. At farther distance the acid would stop most of the bullets
11:41 - Pile-driver hit is an insta-kill, but our hero has so soft head it doesn't always hurt at all!
11:48 - WHEEL BOTS. Lower: 00FFCFFB / upper: 00FFC971
12:06 - WALKER: 00FF009B
Just before the electricity starts to tingle your toes the fight ends.
12:31 - TERMINATOR: 00FF009B
Mines under Terminator's eyes and a bomb is the only way to end this fight before the curtain falls and thus save 5 seconds.
12:38 - MASK: 00FF009B
12:51 - EVIL MACHINE: 00FF00A5
Final Words: Thanks to Sonikkustar, for third time. Firstly for suggesting this game and secondly for information that made this run faster than it would have been without.

cpadolf: Accepting for publication.

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