• Platforms: GB
  • Abbreviation: dedus
  • Display Name: Deadeus
  • GoodTools Name: Deadeus
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Deadeus is a homebrew horror game for the Game Boy about a boy who has a nightmare telling him that everyone in his village will die in three days. He must then see if he can save anyone before those three days are up. There are many paths to take and many endings to encounter, adding replay value to a pretty short game.
MarioAtWork decides to end the game as quickly as possible without any regard to storytelling logic by abusing a glitch that allows them to warp past important cutscenes in seconds and reach the credits very soon.
You can get the game here.
Warning: Viewers who are sensitive to flashing lights may want to skip 1:09 to 1:35 of the video encode.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good Deadeus - U 1.2.5 3FEEBA5C438880F70CDFDC4EA7E29F77E645E9BE 4D07686C9FDA0B9CE82B67D8C5BA90CE GB