One Chance



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  • Platforms: Flash
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  • Display Name: One Chance
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  • Adventure


One Chance is a Flash game by Awkward Silence Games released in December of 2010. In this game, a cure for cancer has been found; however, this cure proves itself to be deadly. The player, as Dr. John Pilgrim, has 6 days to create an antidote to that deadly cure. One unique characteristic of this game is that it can only be played once, and cannot be replayed again if it's completed in any way.
Spikestuff aims for the best possible ending in record time.
Note: Some sequences in this movie may be sensitive to some users. Please be aware of that before watching the movie.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Hack 555181_One_Chance_NEWGROUND.swf W 7fcf2ba653f19f0a3bc06d8754cf63696cc73844 217487ad5aff0704438f44b8fb00722b Flash