Submission #2891: LSK's GBC Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in 04:18.43

Console Game Boy Color Emulator VBA
Game Version unknown Frame Count 15506
ROM Filename Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - 2nd Edition (U) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 131
Unknown Authors LSK
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by LSK on 10/25/2010 8:49:43 PM

Submission Comments
  • Becomes a millionaire
  • 100%
  • Warpless
  • Takes no damage
  • Bad game choice
  • Lazy luck manipulation
In this historically accurate game, you have to answer 15 questions in order to get a million dollars. Legend has it that Lord Philbin was the mastermind behind this infernal scheme, which was used to drain several million person-hours from dozens of countries by furnishing false hopes unto their citizens. It was also the basis for a film, Slumdog Millionaire, which didn't actually have anyone win money, because it was fiction. Lame.
The menus in this game are unusually slow. You can't move the cursor before it becomes visible, and there's a lag of two or three frames before you can press it again.
This movie isn't really publication-worthy. I just thought this would be a good screenshot: Not a millionaire
(The screenshot's from the credits, not from any part of the video with input.)

Nach: This run is slower than other runs, yet doesn't provide anything more interesting. Furthermore, this game in general is boring for a TAS. Rejecting.

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