Submission #2910: Thevlackdemonn2294's SGB Pokémon: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Version in 02:50.65

Super Game Boy
(Submitted: Pokémon Blue)
Pokemon Blue (UA) [S][!].gb
Submitted by Thevlackdemonn2294 on 11/16/2010 5:11:51 AM
Submission Comments
Run attributes
   * Aims for fastest completion of the game
   * Manipulates luck
   * Abuses programming errors
   * Exploits a game-breaking glitch
   * Corrupts save data 
emulator: Visual Boy Advance re-recording v21-interim
I recently realized that the zzazz glitch and corrupt save data could be made in blue and red Pkmn so choose to do so in the blue as you can see the plants is similar to that made p4wn3r or strategy because it does exactly the same that the yellow but in this is much more difficult to do because there to investigate where they will receive as much as I could do is make it appear in the elite four.
as you can not fight with anyone for doing the glitch only thing I had to do is to drop or change some items from place to start I had to throw the Pokeballs to transfer the first 3 doors and finally had to change the town map by the masterballs to pass right through and then set the place as they were to spend the next room without difficulty.

Flygon: Added YouTube module.
Mukki: I will judge this as I am particularly familiar with the glitches used here.
Mukki: This movie does not beat the currently published run. This is because you did not set up the warps optimally. You also used turbo-A during the opening sequence; this is bad for most games, but it is particularly bad here as a frame of lag is caused every time an unnecessary A keypress is made. There is no need for a save-corruption run of Pokemon Blue to be published alongside that of Pokemon Yellow as the differences between the two are superficial. As far as this category is concerned only one is needed and we prefer to keep the faster run. Rejected.
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