Submission #2946: sparky's PSX Dice de Chocobo in 34:17.13

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 123428
ROM Filename Dice de Chocobo (J) [SLPS-02523].bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 41086
Unknown Authors sparky
Game Dice de Chocobo
Submitted by sparky on 12/20/2010 5:38:43 AM

Submission Comments

About this game

This is Chocobo's board game like Monopoly released by Square in 1999. Offense and defence by using Friend Magic Stone and Attack Magic Stone is feature. This game was released as a part of "Chocobo Collection". It consists of "Chocobo Stallion", "Chocob Racing" and "Dice de Chocobo".


  • PCSX-RR v0.1.3
  • TAS Soft Graphics Plugin 0.2
  • TAS Sound Plugin 0.2 (recommend movie playback with any other Plugin. Eternal SPU Plugin etc.)
  • SCPH-1000

The rule

Crystal Point (CP)

This is money in this game which is used to buy Friend Magic Stone, Attack Magic Stone and Land, and for level up land.

Land (土地)

When character stop on rival's land, the same amount of CP as land's value is paid to the owner. Land can be increased capitalization by paying CP, its value and level rise. Land composes the area together with being to be near, and they in the same area share common shape, for example, square, triangle and circle. The maximum level depends on the number of land in the same area. When all the land in the same area is monopolized, the maximum level becomes the maximum ten.

Friend Magic Stone (友達魔石)

The land is taken up by arranging this. This has Friend rate and Ability respectively. Friend rate amplifies land's value. Ability gives various effects to owner, rivals and ownself. List of important Friend Magic Stone in this run is shown below.
ドル君Doru-kun4010%Awakes for 3-turns when it is increased the capital, and its rate rise 20%.Its price is the lowest and rate when awaking is high.
黒魔道士Black magician20022%Rate rises when adjacent and arranged.It has high rate thanks to ability.
オーガOrge10016%Transfers the coming character somewhere in the same area. And, it can go arbitrary direction at the next turn. Maybe, ability's success rate is about 10%.This is the most important in this run. It is almost unuseful in normal play. But, while it is TAS... I beat 1st level twice to get this.

Attack Magic Stone (攻撃魔石)

This is used for rivals or Land with Friend Magic Stone or ownself, and gives various effects same as Friend Magic Stone's Ability. When character which has same Attack Magic Stone is targeted, it becomes invalid and Attack Magic Stone is consumed.


Main particular status list is shown below.
Sleep1Can't moveCan't toll
Toad3Can't use Attack Magic StoneCan't toll
Stone2Can't move and become other statusCan't toll and become other status
Haste2The number of dice becomes four or moreValue increases by a factor of 1.5
Slow2The number of dice becomes three or lessValue becomes half
Confuse2Move spontaneouslyCan't toll or toll from the owner
Poison2Lose 10% CP at the beginning of turnFriend rate becomes half
and so on.

Check point

This is start point and goal point, too. When character passed here, it can buy Friend Magic Stone and Attack Magic Stone, and do level up land. If character passed with some check crystals, it gets CP as bonus according to collected check crystals, sum total of owned land's value and monopolization bonus.

Check Crystal

There are four check crystals in each level. When character stopped here, it can buy Friend Magic Stone or level up land.


Passing the check point after collected CP which is stated by each levels.

Data of each levels

Explanation of text which is shown when entering the level.
  • 目標クリスタルポイント: Goal CP
  • 土地の数: The number of lands
  • 遊ぶ時間: Normally, necessary time to reach a goal at the first play
名前NameGoal CPLandsPlay time
魔道士の平原Magician's plain8000131hour
サハギンの水辺Sahuagin's waterfront10000161hour
モルボルの森Malboro's forest14000242hours
ゴブリンの洞窟Goblin's cave20000272hours
ラミアの火山Lamia's volcano35000362hours

Luck Manipulation

  • ALL of the number of dice.
  • A part of rivals' behavior.
  • Friend Magic Stone's ability success rate.

To encoders: This game is running at 30fps.

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