Submission #2986: Aglar's NES Marble Madness in 02:43.01

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEUX 2.1.4a
Marble Madness (U).nes
Submitted by Aglar on 1/24/2011 3:57:29 PM
Submission Comments
This beats the current published run by 307 frames (~5.1 seconds). Most time was gained from better preicision.
Due to still having Snake rattle'n roll in fresh memory I decided to also take up this game since they're kind of similar due the isometric overview and quite similar controls. Also it's a short game and the run only took a few days to do.
The previous runs were seemly done with the bad rom dump so I switched to the rom I assume is the good one but I'm not entirely sure, it syncs with both dumps though so it's not a big deal.


1 frame was saved in the name entry.
LevelFrames savedTotal frames saved
Practice race1617
Beginner race1633
Intermediate race6497
Aerial race64161
Silly race96257
Ultimate race50307

Level comments

A level can only be completed in multiples of 16 frames.

Practice race

Better blind stering, the frame rule knocked me back a few frames.

Beginner race

Quite limited level due to the frame rule of the bridge. The time was almost all gained in the part between the two pipes.

Intermediate race

Better stering overall, not very viable in the second half though.

Aerial race

Better stering... yeah that's it.

Silly race

Small route change in the beginning and better stering.

Ultimate race

In this level the goal is to make the screen scroll down as fast possible which saved 32 frames. I also ended input earlier, I could've ended it even earlier but then the ingame completion for that level would be 16 frames slower so I decied to have it this way.


goes to the previous autors for finding shortcuts and stuff.

DarkKobold: Claiming

mmarks: Added YouTube Module
mmarks: Added Streaming DailyMotion + Download (Undie's encode)

DarkKobold: Good improvement, obvious acceptance.

GabCM: Mein!
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