Submission #2993: laranja's SNES Lamborghini - American Challenge "Money Glitch" in 09:44.73

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 35084
ROM Filename Lamborghini - American Challenge (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Money Glitch Rerecord Count 1855
Unknown Authors laranja
Game Lamborghini: American Challenge
Submitted by laranja on 1/30/2011 7:14:20 AM

Submission Comments
<Hello guyz, its my second attemp here ...I've choose Lamborghini - American Challenge Just read down for details>

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: <Snes9x 1.51>
  • <Aim for Fastest time completion>
  • <Abuses Glitches>


<Well Lamborghini - American Challenge is a racing game of style begin-to-end-without-laps around the country of U.S.A, this game is know for being very limited ... It's requires you to pay a fee for go to each race and money is very hard to get in ammounts and buying itens without caution may give you a game over screen for spending all money but without letting any for the fee... you can just get around 60% of the prize because 40% is a fee... but I've found a glitch that I will explain how it went on this run and I manage to end the game in only 6 races.>

Money Glitch

<Well... the way I've found this glitch may sound very Strange or uncommon(?), I found it around 14 years ago when I was around 7~8 years old...while i was playing SNES at my cousin house I remember when we always playied this game in career mode I were the one who always had to do it because i knew how to do it but without figure out why it would happen... and one day I accidentaly went into a hard race which if i lost it should give a game over screen because there would be no money to pay others race fee, then when i lost instead of it giving me an game over I could instead get an huge money and buy all equips in the first stage of the game and with lots of spare, so I just figured out now how it work and that I could use it as an advantage for a video since racing games are way too boring for obvious reasons and this game can be very boring if you go without glitch stage-by-stage, thats why I take advantage of this and skip around 65-70% of the races. <Now about how the glitch may work... well I think the game cant give a minus value for your money... for example, when i go to the 2nd race i have actually 28000 and fee is 24000 so i got only 4000, however, there is polices there... and on depends of your speed you can get a fine for high speed, so I get caught while driving at high speed, my fine is 7000+ it gives a negative value for your money and somehow breaks the game giving you instead of immediat game over screen, amounts of money... thats a heck of a glitch, its seem there were bad programmers for the game huh!?>
<Before go to the game I first go to the options screen and change nitro quantit, I change to 2 to end races quickly since i begin with only 1 and I make very precise use of it. All right, now lets begin the explanation stage by stage>

< Race 1 >

<Well, The most boring stage of the run... thats one of the reasons I changed nitro from 1 to 2... to help skip it faster but there is a reason why I did choose this stage... it gives the highest prize but it isn't enough for the race I need to go, However, I avoid hitting or get hit or hit into any obstacle to get a bonus for Careful driver which is 14000 which helps me to reach the needed race>

< Race 2 >

<Well at least this one got a pretty exciting music, here is where the glitch takes action...I let a rival bump me in the back, so I dont get the careful driver bonus which is 50000. Since the cars are strongs than mine I could just win with 2 nitro and perfect precision without colliding into anyone, however, here I'm not aiming for 1st place... I make precise use of the second nitro to pass throught the 2nd radar police above 203MPH, because at 203 I could get a fine of 3900 and should just have 100 and then finishing the race it could give me instantly game over however I increase the speed enough to get an higher fine and instead I get somehow rich enough to buy everything I need>


<I goes to shop to buy the needed stuff to the next 4 races, I buy somes stuffs I need and others I dont...I have to buy the not required to reach the required faster or else I had to cancel and enter shop again many times... since I got money there is no problem for that, so I buy the required and goes back to race>

< Race 3 >

<Now with everything needed to reach max speed in the fastest time possible and increased nitro duration its time to show how to handle that super machine, the gameplay here gets different, the screen moves faster and the road is split in 2 ways, which now cars can come from reverse way and damage you a lot...>

< Race 4 >

<Well, its same as 3 ... just have to avoid enemies, I goes on the wrong way as a trade-off... avoiding cars at high speed is funny heh!>

< Race 5 >

<Here have something I really did careful... I avoided a good bunch of lag here... since in the road have somes warning signals which can be smashed... if you hit it, it increases lag... so I avoid it to prevent lag... it saved me around 103 frames.>

< Race 6 >

<Since I bought snow tires... snow isn't a problem and most of the track is on the wrong way just for fun ... just have to finish this>

Other comments

<I know racing games arent very good for audience, they are just like rpg... long and boring(not every RPG and Racings)but I think everyone would like this one because such a long game is finished in just less than 10 minutes... I hope my work pleases your watches and not be a waste of time ... I really did the best I could even doing this run in 1 day but I did a long research before that because I tought it could be rejected for bad dump but its just bad programming...and it was a very pleasant TAS to work into... hope you all enjoy. > <About improvments...Well... I dont think there is much improvments... but there is always Improvments that are blinds for somes and obvious for others :p, hope someone can find it.>

Screenshot Suggestion

<Well maybe 14862, 14256 or something you guyz may like.>
<Hope my work pleases you all, enjoy!>

mmarks: Added Youtube Module

DarkKobold: I'll handle this one.
DarkKobold: While most agree the first part is boring, the majority agree the glitch and high speed racing are entertaining. Also, all responders were against this obsoleting Top Gear 2, so it won't. Accepting.

Mister Epic: Grabbin' a sub for a pub.

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