Submission #3012: laranja's SNES Aero Fighters "2 Players" in 12:03.23

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
2 Players
Aero Fighters (U).smc
Submitted by laranja on 2/21/2011 3:03:33 AM
Submission Comments
Hie Guyz, once again, thats the 3rd movie I'm submiting and I wanted to be dareous, this time I went to make a 2player move omg...

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9x 1.51 V7 SVN147
  • Aim for fastest time
  • Aim for entertainment
  • 2 Players
  • Maximum Kills
  • Hardest Dificult


Well Well guyz, on this shot'n up jet/ship game I decide to use animals instead (which are robots as I found on somes sources), Rabio and Lepus were choosen, well, I wasn't sure why should I use them... but after somes emails, research and feedbacks I realized why I should use them, using normals characters I usually will fight throught only 7 stages, well thats logic why 1 stage is skipped by using a normal jet, who would be crazy to shot against his own nation? since they dont have an exactly location, using Rabio and Lepus I can go throught all 8 stages, another thing I have to clarify too, someone might say "Man but they are secret characters, they are too strongt, the game will be a cheap thing..." well well, to make sure I make it clear enought to the viewers, the strongest characters in-game are Willian(1P Britsh) and Keith (2P USA)... his subshots are very strong, more than Rabio and Lepus, so thats why Fastest time isnt my main goal , instead I decide to use them because I never found a single gameplay using them it could be nice to someone make it at least (surely I can be wrong)but I made sure to not make anything sloopy, another thing I have to specific before someone flames me, "hey but along the run you missed many shots, its a fail"... well I would like the game to be more precise about shots but for 1 input it comes out 6 shots, if you press a input during the third/fourth shot you can increase 2/3 more pellets, I reallly did my best to make all shots precise enough but in somes cases I had to give 1 more input due to the subshot interval thats 1 frame per subshot or else the bosses shouldn't die, I really did my best to make it look nice, well another thing too, MAAAAAN thats very hard to make a 2P tas even doing Frame-by-frame... all moves had to be very well done but I liked the result a lot well Enough! of this... its time to explain all stages and things I did during the TAS...

Title Screen and Options

I surely used the Hardest dificult, it increase number of enemys(and lag that I make sure to be the lowest possible) you need a code to acess it,on the title screen hold down the R button, and enter the following code on the first or second controller: Up, Left, Down, Right, B, A, X, Y. Go to the option menu, and scroll the difficulty settings. The difficulty mode "SUPER" should appear. Please note that this mode can also be accessed by finishing the game on "HARD" mode as well, another thing someone might say "Hey, but why Lepus have a 001 points on the begining? did he died and used continues?" no I didn't died or someone thing, to save 2 frames, instead of choosing 2 Players on the title screen, I just choose 1Players then on the beginning of the stage 1 I already press start to make him appear, so it makes appear as he used continue. I didnt died(at least on the beginning) nor used continues.

Stage 1: New York, USA

Woa, the first stage, USA, NY, we have to go out of the city to the sea, until being attacked by the whole army for no apparent reason(?)... when at sea, there is somes enemies that are submarines, they give a good amount of lag, so I make sure to kill them the fastest to prevent lag... after this we meet the boss

Boss:The U.S.S New Jersey

Dammit, He kept sending Planes on my sight, I had to detour Lepus using his subshots to reach them a bit but since each part dont need to be destroied immediately its gets easy to reach all planes and yet killing the main spot quickly enough.

Stage 2: Tokyo, Japan

Ah! Japan, lair of the most greatest, best and cheapest technollogy in the world, here we come for help the Civillians (at least we tried) but while destroying helicopters that come out from inside from buildings we still destroiyed a couple of cars and buildings, but dont worry, no one has been harmed since no screams could be heard... after a while we meet 2 hightowers that looks like the WTC... but we see a strange blue light shinning from inside the build... what could it be...

Boss: Super XX 改 (Kai)

Looks like one of godzilla foes from the 1985 series were messing around Tokyo,I didnt destroied the towers because there were no need, and would delay my meet with the boss... I had to keep my distance close to him to make my subshots hits him as well, another detail, when he stops shinning red, I had to shot from his sides instead of middle, because there is a shield that could drain my shots making it a bit slower, another great thing, since my main aim is Maximum Kills, I had to get a bit away from him, you can notice few sub shots comes outs, so thats because after I kill him, I stand on the bottom of the screen, using the sub shots to help me I manage to kill 2 tanks on the almost very end of the screen fade if I didnt do this, I could go throught the screen fade but they could be visible... so you guyz got it right? dont worry I didn't wasted any time...

Stage 3: Sweden Mountains

Sweden, I dont know nothing about there to say about there =(...NVM,well Here around the middle of the stage I had to kill enemies instantly because there is a big number of it and the lag is Huge as well, also made sure to kill all cannons and collects all carrots...

Boss: Holly Mountain

WHUT! a base on a mountain? man we have to make sure to kill it, I killed it so fast that he didnt even had a chance to shot me... but wait... there is a 2nd part of him? no problem, we destroy it before the grass carpet can be released. A good annotation I have to make, most WIPS and Rejected projects I saw... no one managed to shot the boss on the moment the floor moves, instead, they wait until a bit of the 2nd part is showed up to begin to shot and they shots from far instead from the very inside, thats one of the main improvments over all WIPS and Rejects I saw...

Stage 4: England

Oh England, known for having many impecable traditions and for high class and culture people... also having one of the most agressive soccer crowd... Here we have to make our way througt some castle from someone that I dont know, surely I take advantage destroing everything on my sight ... on the tanks fields around frame 22290 Rabio kills an almost offscreen enemy, that one was very hard to catch, just 3 frames to kill him, but made sure I got him...

Boss: Avro Bomber

Well, reading what I wrote here is longer than the fight itself, does I have to explain something...?

Stage 5: Middle East

Hmm, on the first part before the cliffs ends there is only around 5 enemies, I tried to make sure to dance a bit to entertain... after this I had to kills almost everything instantly to reduce lag... after passing througt the militar base we reach the sands to meet...

Boss: Vazeel (Tank Amadan)

Man, Since all bombs were used wisely, this one I have to say, was the most needed, Enemies patters on attacks are , first shot everything at 1P then everything at 2p and so on... since I knew this, I collected a bomb earlier for 1p to use it to make lure all shots to 1P because of the awkward hitboxes that cant make me pass thought narrow shots, so I killed him before he had a chance to give a second bunch of shots

Stage 6: North Africa Sea

Well, I dont have nothing to say about this scenario, its quite nice, only water and few sand islands around, on the stage there is many battle ships, I had to kill it instantly too, to reduce lag because they shot like crazy so you guyz know very well right?

Boss: Pomornik (Pazaata)

The Pomornik is a Russian landing craft. It is one of the newest crafts to appear in Sonic Wings, having come into service in 1986, however we dont even care about it, I had to use a bomb here as well to reach the core faster, since the side cannons can absorb a bit of damage before destroieds

Stage 7: Moscow, Russia

Ahh! Russia remembers me about 2 things, Vodka and Heavy Weapons Guy... While travelling around the city we get to the Red Plaza, such beautiful build... however someone installed fireweapons on it?!?... I had to destroy every build quickly to reduce lag as well, also killing every single rocket tower on the left part of screen before they were launched, or else they couldnt return and my Maximum kills objectve could fail!

Boss: MiG 31

Oh! the adapted MiG 25... such beautful plane as well, however it comes agressively attacking us, so without any waste we take it down... not satisfied seeing 1 expensive plane being wasted they decide to send another with a drunken mad pilots that come even more agressive than the first...too bad,he didnt counted with the bunny TASed power... got down faster than say Krazy Ivan... poor Heavy Weapons Guy... I destroied 2 planes that cost more than US$ 400,000 in less than 12 seconds(TF2 Joke)...

Stage 8: Space

After doing a Rampage througt the world we realized the real enemy were at space all the time, we find their satellite base ship, but we depare with an strange thing...

Sub-Boss: Station Core

Surely one of the boss with the fastest shots... but using the same strategy as in stage 5 I lure his shots to Rabio... after more flying we find another sub-boss

Sub-Boss: Rocket Ship

Well, its a shame to call it a sub boss... he almost does nothing... just hold the capsule with the last boss... which can be Osaru or Pandora... I decide to take pandora because its faster to kill

Final Boss: Pandora

Da last boss... his true form comes when the battle is almost in the end or if you destroy every single obstacle along the way... the last bombs were very well used, to make massive damage... Anotheeeeeer thing I have to clarify before someone blames me..."Hey man but you died, YOU DIED..." well I finished the input very before my last pellet comes out, so I surely planned to make it happens to give a surprise on the very end... if I wanted I just could´ve had moved a bit but it could cost me few frames...but since I died after the last input it didnt affected my time...
End of Run explanation boyz...

Other comments

Well guyz, I hope you all enjoyned the TAS, surely took a while and wanted to finish it... About the jokes above, please dont take serious, just wanted to make the read funnier... Improvments? Sure, just select normal characters instead of Rabio and Lepus,you can skip 1 stage saving a good time, I did choose them for entertainment purposes I want to say thanks to Kirk for answering my emails making me realizing somethings and to everyone that answered on the forum topic of this game ( not even a single person) Allright guyz, hope you all enjoy!

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