Submission #3021: hellagels's GBA Mega Man Zero 3 in 56:44.55

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 204273
ROM Filename Mega Man Zero 3 Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 32409
Unknown Authors hellagels
Game Mega Man Zero 3
Submitted by hellagels on 2/26/2011 4:07:10 PM

Submission Comments
Megaman Zero 3 TAS 4586 frames,or 76.43 seconds faster than the run by computerbird. The in-game time at the end is 00:21'12.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used:VBA 1.72+Re-recording v.22.0
  • Aims for fastest real-time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time

Health Management

Taking clamage gives Zero temporary invincibility and interrupts Zero's movement like attack recovery. It is used to saving time in boss battles and prevents from taking more damage. Recovering health pauses all in-game actions for a short time, so I didn't recovering Zero's health at all.

Ex skills

Most of the Ex skills were used in the same way as that in the published run by computerbird. But I used Gale Attaok to substitute for triple saber slash. It spends less time than triple saber slash even though it can give bosses higher damsge. And I didn't use Burstishot because it will cause too much Lag sometimes and it can't be used in boss battles.Maybe many people think 1000slash isn't useful,but it really saved much time.Although it was used for few times.

Stage by Stage Comment:

Intro Stage:

If Zero hit enemies or other things with Z-saber or Recoil Rod (except Throw Blade wave,SaberSmash elecrictity and SoulLauncher),it will pause all in-game actions for 4 frames. So Zero should kill enemies with Buster shst. And I beat the boss,Omega,in a different way from that in computerbird's published run.

Weapon Regeneration Factory

I choson this stage to get SaberSmash as soon as possibile. In the boss battle,I manipulate boss's actions to make him did not disappeared.

Aegis Volcano Base

There's nothings special to the pubished run in this stage.

Maritime Highway Ruins

I saved about 9 seconds in this stage.I changed the anabo in the mid-boss battle and the end-boss battle.

Old Residential Section

In the biginning of the stage, I choise the air-way to save time. And I manipulate mid-boss's actions to make it circle, then Zero can kill it more quickly.

Missile Factory

I used Recoil Rod in this stage. Recoil Rod can help Zero reach somewhere high. The skill 1000slash was so useful in the boss battle. With 1000slash and SaberSmash, it took less time than to used Buster and Z-saber.

Anatrey Forest

I chosen this stage to get SpiltHeavens. Recoil Rod is also got good used in this stage. I used charged Recoil Rod to more the stone to press the button without Zero’s standing on it.

Ice Frontline Base

Zero can get Ex skill Blizzrd Arrow after completing this stage, and I had to used it in stage Desert of Dusk. This is the reason that I chosen this stage. It seems that it’s interesting to dodge the enemies.

Desert of Dusk

BlizzrdArrow was very useful in this stage, though it was not useful at all in other stage. And I combo more perfectly in the mid-boss battle.

Area X-2

I like this stage very much. Maybe you can’t see Zero’s actions clearly in the second zone. The boss battle is a little difficult.

Snow Field

Zero can get 003 chip for Quick Charge in this stage. The important thing is to break the box which is loading 003 chip with Buster but not Z-saber. It’s also important not to make the mid-boss hide.

Energy Facility

I have discovered a strange way to hit two buttons with one charged buster shot. It’s avoided in the movie. In this way,I saved about 8 seconds in total.

Gigantic Elevator

The elevator part was too terrible. I had a hard time there. And it was not easy to combo in the boss battle. After all, I saved about 5 seconds in this stage.

Sunken library

It’s too boring. There is nothing to comment about.


The place is too complicated. The Ex skill Orbiteshield com help Zero kill enmies in the corner easily.

Underground Laboratory

It’s the last stage. Just kill bosses with all kinds of Ex skills.

Author’s comments

It’s my first time to make a TAS movie. It’s very interesting. Unfortunately, there are few people know about TAS in china. It’s difficult for me to talk about TAS with my friends. Maybe I will make a MMZ run in the summer hoilday. I’m just in grade 9,so I may make some mistakes in the article.Please rectification it.
Thank Xaphan, computerbirdand klmz for their excellent speedruns.
This is the article that help me a lot

Mukki: Judging...
Mukki: Despite the fact that some small optimisations have been noticed, this is still a substantial improvement to the dated currently published run. As the author does not seem to have any immediate plans to improve this I see no reason not to publish an enjoyable run. Accepting as an improvement to the currently published run.
Nahoc: Will publish.

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