Submission #3047: sparky's PSX Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon in 27:34.53

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 99272
ROM Filename Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon (J) [SLPS-01234] Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 24187
Unknown Authors sparky
Game Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon
Submitted by sparky on 3/18/2011 10:58:20 AM

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About this game

This is Chocobo's Roguelike game released by Square in 1997. The standard nomenclature of this game is "チョコボの不思議なダンジョン". This game's sequel "チョコボの不思議なダンジョン2" has (U) version as "Chocobo's Dungeon 2", but in this game, only (J) version has been released.


  • PSXjin v2.0.1
  • SCPH-1000

Explanation of this run

1st Dungeon


In this run, almost luck manipulation is controlled by changing the moment of key input. For example, when I want to manipulate the structure of floor, I change the moment of entering there. When, I want to manipulate the item which is in treasure box, I change the moment of opening it.
The floor consists of rooms which connect to each other by thin passage. The stair seems not to appear room where Chocobo comes first. To tell the truth I've made this game's TAS once a half year ago, so I've made this game's TAS twice. However, I've never seen a case that the stair appears in the room where Chocobo comes first. Hence, I'm aiming to make the stairs appear in next room.


In this floor, there is a first meeting with "クレール" (Clerc). He will appear frequently in the future. And that, his conversation is very long. Perhaps, it is longer than the time running through dungeon and fight with bosses.
The structure of floor where he appears is static. Its structure (include location of the stair and a part of gimmicks) is same every time. Items, enemies and traps etc. are not static, they change.
After conversation ends, Chocobo's level extend to 2 by magic square. There are two types magic square, orange and blue. Basically, orange magic square affect Chocobo's status. The floor where magic square which extends Chocobo's level appears is decided from the start. I use them without taking a roundabout way as much as possible.
I collect items without waste as much as possible. It is for use to recycle box which will appear later.


Now, recycle box appears for the first time. This is a very important device to beat "1st" dungeon. But, I don't use it here.


Next, furnace appears for the first time. This is a very important device to beat "2nd" dungeon. Alike, I don't use it here.


The item whose name is shown by yellow letter is unidentification item. Its detail is unknown until it is identified or used or escaping from dungeon.
A pitfall trap is used to go down floor. The way to go down floor is not only the stair.


Recycle box appears again. In turn, it is used. This box's effect is something come out after two items are put in box. I obtain two red spheres (item for attack) from box here. When particular combination of item were put in box, result has been decided. (For example, Flare + Flare = Giga Flare.) In other cases, something comes out which was randomly chosen from 64 items. In this run, I used only random pattern combinations.
After use recycle box, I uses pitfall to go down. As I said before, the structure of floor which contains conversation event is static. To tell the truth, what items have dropped, and what traps are set etc., everything has already been decided by each floor. So, if the useful trap exists, I use it as much as possible. All floors which appeared with event before had not trap which can go down. So, I had to take the long way to the stair. But now, there is a pitfall in this floor. Thanks to it, I can quickly go down to the next floor.


I obtained one more sphere here.


There are two kind of ???F. One is shop. When go out here, whether this shop appears when advancing times how many in the floor is decided. Shop's goods change depending on this number, though there are no plan to shop here in the future, so I always appoint the maximum number of minimum requirements.


An another ???F is this. A new Magic stone is here. After it appeared once in ???F, it becomes appearing in the normal floor. Structure of floor, dropped items, location of items and gimmicks, all of them is static in this floor.


Now, I obtained four spheres. Appearance ratio of all of them is 0.625%.


  • Boss: デビルチョコボ (Devil Chocobo)
  • HP: 1700
The purpose of collecting spheres is to use it here. The strength of sphere is depending on Chocobo's status not much. So even if Chocobo's level is low, it is possible to deliver high damage.
2nd Dungeon


Obtain a Minimum card (1/2). The parenthetic number is appearance ratio.


Minimum card is used so that Chocobo becomes small. When Chocobo is small, it is possible to ignore all of traps. Though it is unrelated this time, furthermore Chocobo's offensive power and ATB gauge (red or blue bar located under the character) become half. Small state doesn't keep to end of this floor, but there is only one place where Minimum card is obtained. (At least, it is possible to obtain Minimum card from recycle box, though it's not fast.)
Obtain a Life berry.


In 2nd dungeon, the blue magic square which transport Chocobo to somewhere comes to appear. Actually, the trap that can directly go down seems not to appear in the room where Chocobo firstly comes. But, magic square can appear there, so I use it as much as possible.


I obtain Book of Fire here. Basically, book is used to attack like sphere. There are seven kind of books, three in that, it is used for furnace too. Among them, Book of Fire's duration of effect is the shortest.
I am damaged from needle trap here though, all surroundings at the exit are enclosed with this.


Obtain a Oil card (1/8).


Obtain a Patience claw (1/8). This is absolutely one of the most strong weapon in this game.
By the way, sometime the treasure box explode and Chocobo is damaged bit. The explosive treasure box is faster than non-explosive box, because the stark time when box is opened is short.


Obtain a Benefit drink (1/8). There are no explosive box which has it.


Obtain one more Oil card (1/16).


Obtain a Haste drink (1/32).


Obtain a Combine seed (1/4).


Life berry is used in this floor, Chocobo's HP rise 4. Though I could use it anywhere, I couldn't get good RNG soon, so I chose here.


Obtain a Greed claw (1/4).


Obtain a Magic stone of Leviathan.


In preparation for battle with boss, HP is recovered here by magic square.
Finally, the time when furnace is used came. Furnace is used to improve equipment. I combine Patience claw and Greed claw. A made-up claw has both of two abilities. A Start location and a furnace's location is far, but their locations seem to be partially static.


  • Boss: クリシェール (Kurisyēru)
  • HP: 6000
Firstly, I use Haste drink and Benefit drink. It is the same as ATB bar became quarter. In fact, Chocobo can attack four times faster than normal.
Secondly, a damage is taken to utilize Patience claw's ability. A damage from boss is 85 when Chocobo equips no armor. There were thirteen level up magic squares in all from start to here. Chocobo's HP is 30 when level is 1. It rises 4 per one level up. When all of them were collected, level is 14 and HP is 82. It comes to be able to absorb 85 damage if HP extends 4 or more by Life berry. Even if I attack before absorbing damage, a damage is only 51.
Thirdly, the start of attack came. Attack with maximum ATB gauge gains rotation kick sometimes and damage is increased. In this case, it becomes 1.5 times. When large map is shown, only RNG can be changed without changing progress of a battle. In a word, it is luck manipulation to gain rotation kick. Oil card has a secret usage. Normally, it is used for equipment. But, if it is used for the enemy, its ATB gauge is reset. The enemy's attack is stopped before gauge fills.
Finally, I used Magic stone of Leviathan as a finisher. Thanks to it, a final key input becomes faster a little.
3rd Dungeon
To tell the truth, this game has one more extra dungeon. But it is bonus. There are many new enemies and items though, there are no event. Moreover, it's never ending dungeon. The maximum floor is 9999F and the next floor of 9999F is 9999F too. So in this run, I didn't go there.

Important Items in this run

オイルカードOil cardOil coats equipment and protects from attack that decrease its performance.
ミニマムカードMinimum cardThe target becomes small.
合体のタネCombine seedCombine equipment's ability.
いのちの実Life berryHP increases from 1 to 5.
ヘイストの薬Haste drinkATB gauge becomes half.
手助けの薬Benefit drinkATB gauge has already been half-filled from beginning.
ウェイブの珠Sphere of WaveAttack by Wave the small range.
フレアの珠Sphere of FlareAttack by Flare to one enemy.
ホーリーの珠Sphere of HolyAttack by Holy to one enemy.
リヴァイアサンの魔石Magic stone of LeviathanSummon Leviathan and attack the wide range.
ファイアの本Book of FireAttack by Fire or use for furnace.
がまんのツメPatience clawThe more HP decreases, the more aggressivity increases.
よくばりのツメGreed clawThe less items which Chocobo has is, the more aggressivity increases. (max double)

Takes damage to save time

For utilize Patience claw.

Luck manipulation

Huge amount.


アトラ (Atla): "Excuse me! I want to put up at here." "I have called for quite a while though, anyone doesn't come here. Please call together." "Huh? You were there little while ago..."
ナゾのチョコボ (Mysterious Chocobo): "I was going to guide, though you have left."
Atla: "Hmm... oh well." "I'll live in this village and search a Rare item, so please lend a room."
Mysterious Chocobo: "A Rare item?"
Atla: "It is a unique item."
Mysterious Chocobo: "I see. That sounds fun. Well, please come to the room here." "Right this way. Then, make yourself at home..."
Atla: "Wow! What!?"
Mysterious Chocobo: "I let you search the item all you like, if you can live out... Hahaha..."
Atla: "Ouch..." "What is here?" "Hey Chocobo! The thing like medicine has dropped!" "Let's drink immediately!" "Have no fear, see." "Let's see..." "Oh, it is Potion..." "Oh, something is over there too." "Wow! It is money! Apparently, Visit here might be rewarding." "You are dull always. Though I don't understand somehow, here is the dungeon. And suddenly there was a treasure." "Damn! You are really dull. I mean a something valuable item is here. Are you really understanding?" "Hmm? that?" "Wow, what!"
Atla: "Ouch, what's this time?" "Oh, here is front of the inn. hmm? front of the inn?" "Alas, we were cheated, oh well." "Apparently, that Chocobo wearing a straw hat seems to be this dungeon's owner." "None of that matters on this occasion." "In fact, there may be many rare items in that dungeon." "Then, I'll search a place where we can live. Prepare for going to the dungeon. See you."
カミラママ (Camilla mom): "Welcome." "Oh dear, you are Chocobo with good gloss feather."
カミラ (Camilla): "Mom!, dad isn't anywhere."
Camilla mom: "Oh, where has he gone?"
Camilla: "He wasn't in the croft too."
Camilla mom: "Oh, as I recall, haven't you seen dad?" "Dad is the Chocobo wearing a green straw hat."
Camilla: "Eh! where have you seen?"
Camilla & Mom: "Huh!? it is the inn?"
Camilla: "Mom, it's something strange." "Though that inn has not been used yet..."
Camilla mom: "Well, may I ask you, Camilla?" "Could you talk with フォック (Fock)?"
Camilla: "Alrightly! I go."
Camilla mom: "I'm sorry for troubling you."
Fock's house
Fock: "Hmm? Fock is me though, you are?" "Oh, you are that moogle's friend." "He asked about borrowing the home because the inn isn't usable." "he has forcibly borrowed the key of empty home." "Anybody has not used its home, so you can freely use." "The inn has just built, so it has not been used yet."
Atla: "Hey, this home is pretty good." "Nobody seems to know that there is the dungeon in the inn." "It's an advantage for me." "Damn, nobody knows it, that is, treasures in the dungeon are mine." "Are you really understanding?" "Oh well." "I have prepared for a room for you here." "You can take a rest here when you came home from the dungeon." "How about take a little rest now?" "Then I'll wait front of the inn."
Front of the inn
Atla: "Then here we go."
Entrance of the dungeon
Atla: "Heh, this is good." "The inside inn seems to be really becoming the dungeon." "Then, I entrusted it to you." "I'll go around the village and collect information." "Here, here. Give it your all."
クレール (Clerc): "Hum? It's just a Chocobo..." "Eh? A Chocobo?" "Why is a Chocobo here?" "Eh? Me? My name is Clerc." "Well, you? How did you come here?" "Hmmm, it is in inn... What's going on!" "Due to the Chocobo wearing the green straw hat. It has become a serious happening." "Why do you come here dangerous?" "Hmm, you search a rare item with moogle. Surely, here may be it." "I reminded by rare, here is Books as a kind of item." "You can gain a wonder power when you read a Book. If you obtained it, you can read it as a trial." "At first, only a little power is exerted though, the more you read, the more strong power will be exerted." "Oops, I have to go. Then, go down with care."
Clerc: "Wow! Oops!" "You are here again." "Eh? You just went down?" "Did you say what is this?" "This is a recycle box." "Eh? How to use this?" "Um, it is" "just only putting two items in box." "After that, a item comes out." "See you." "Ah, say." "Do you equip rightly a claw and saddle?" "It's not useful if you don't equip."
Clerc: "Hey, we often meet." "Eh? What is this?" "You are still interested." "This is a Furnace." "Claw and saddle's level are extended by using this." "How to use is." "First, you choose a claw or saddle that you want to forge." "Second, you choose a claw or saddle that combines." "Then, you set fire to a Furnace." "Eh? How to set fire?" "It is using Book." "Try using whichever." "Some one sets fire." "You can combine claw and claw, or saddle and saddle." "This way, they become stronger and stronger." "Do you understand?"
Clerc: "Hi, have you seen a Red sphere?" "I found it though I have dropped." "Oh well. Maybe I'll find again." "Eh? what is a Sphere?" "It is a red sphere which contains wonder power." "How to use is..." "Eh? Don't say ahead?" "Now now." "It is striking to opponent." "In your case, you should kick it to opponent." "That's good." "And furthermore, there is a blue stone." "That's good too." "Do you want to know?" "Well, listen." "A blue stone, it is mostly not founded." "It causes a wonder thing by just only used." "This is exactly a unique item." "Ah, unique item is said as Rare item?" "I have told you many things though." "I think that you should not go down dungeon so much." "Go back to the village without overworking." "Good bye."
Clerc: "You're just in time." "Actually, a Junhum strayed here." "I tried to take out it in a hurry, just then, I encountered monster. So, it was frightened and has gone somewhere." "Oh yeah, Junhum is" "small, fluffy and it's belly feather is white." "Eh? It it not so?" "Why could it enter this dungeon?" "Junhum has much curiosity and appear everywhere." "If you found, help it." "By the way, how do you have item?" "Hum, you have a bag which has item in the wing." "Then, the wing is expanded a little more." "Yeah." "Now, the bag's capacity was expanded a little more." "Thank goodness. You were safe." "Then, I'll get along him to outside of the dungeon." "Don't take it too far and come back."
Mysterious Chocobo: "Welcome, may I help you?" "I'm doing business in this dungeon." "Camilla dad? Huh?" "My name is ジャニター (Janitor)."
Janitor: "It's a pleasure doing business with you." "Well, As said a little while ago, I'm doing business." "Can I help you find something?" "Thank you very much." "Then, when do you want me to open the shop?" "I will ask for the customer's hope." "I'll see you again."
Clerc: "Oh, you were here." "Here is a charge from Junhum's ドル君 (Dor-kunn)." "This is a present from him which is a helped reward." "This is a Hum whistle." "You toot this and he bring an item from Atla's shelf." "How about? It's great." "Incidentally, I brought on a bag." "It's capacity is larger." "Yeah, yes." "Yes, all right." "Bye, I've given away sure."
Janitor: "Oh, you've finally come here." "But, I'm embarrassed. The owner with this body doesn't have greed much, so a good dungeon have not been created." "Well, all right. You came here all the way so I have to invite." "Then, please enjoy." "If you can live out... hahaha..."
Clerc: "Hey, you came again." "Camilla dad has been saved though" "the following are Atla..." "His greed seems to big so dungeon is likely big too." "Ee? Why do I know so much?" "Um, it is..." "By the by!" "I found a new item and brought up it." "Maybe, I think it is flowerpot." "I don't know a detail." "You should ask Camilla." "She likes flower so she may know how to use this." "Good bye. My true identity is secret."
Clerc: "Hmm, hmm." "Sums it up." "Hmm?" "It's you again. Please wait a minute." "This becomes it so." "And this is too." "When becoming it so..." "Oh, this is amazing." "You may have already known though, a furnace has been power up." "When a seed is used together, a various change happens." "Though, how it changes is unknown until you try." "See you." "I have to tell to ラスク (Lask)." "Ha! mind." "By the by, how about a bag I gave before?" "Hum, it can have 22 items?" "It's strange. Have it correctly." "Yeah." "Look, now a capacity was expanded." "See you."
Janitor: "Oh, how have you been?" "I'm Janitor." "You're looking well too." "Huh? This body?" "Yes, it's your friend's Atla." "Um... was it Camilla dad?" "This body has a great greed that can't be compared to him." "Now, Can I help you find something today?" "Thank you very much." "Then, when do you want me to open the shop?" "I will ask for the customer's hope." "I'll see you again."
Clerc: "Ah! You're just in time." "Though, you always come at the right time." "Well, a Junhum strayed here again." "I'm sorry but, I need your help again." "Where has it gone?" "Eh? What?" "Oh! ... It's sleeping." "Hey, let's go back." "Thank you for finding."
Clerc: "Oh, here you are." "You are persistent, aren't you?" "You worry about Atla?" "He showed you various worlds?" "Aha, he is a nice guy at heart." "There is a lot going on when you are with him?" "Ah, it is consent, considering his character." "Say..." "Huh?" "What's?" "Hahaha. What was I going to do?" "Meh. See you."
Clerc: "Yoo-hoo." "I remembered." "I came give you this." "A bag which I use usually." "Now you can have 32 items." "I can have a little more, because my body is bigger." "It may be enough to you if you can have 32 items." "See you." "My affair is only this, doesn't it?" "Ah! I remember now." "I found one more flowerpot." "I put it here."
Clerc: "Camilla dad had been taken up, and Atla has been taken up." "A dungeon was created." "A Purple crystal makes a dungeon based on the thing taken up." "I've seen this many times." "A Purple crystal becomes large by taking up consciousness and anima of things that entered in a dungeon." "To absorb many, it drop various items to invite." "And it spreads." "Spread alter egos to around the world." "A Purple crystal here is last one though." "I felt like it is somewhere in the village." "Though, I didn't think in the croft." "I tried to manage to discover it before someone is taken up." "I'm sorry for involving you."
Clerc: "It's very deep." "You are amazing." "You came so deeply." "You worry about Atla though, you are interested in item too?" "I am enviable of you." "I identify myself as Clerc, though I don't understand my true identity." "Oh, sorry. I explain plainly." "I had already been in the dungeon when I awakened." "Do you understand?" "I was born in the dungeon." "And had the roll of something." "Though I understood the meaning of roll recently." "I am a anima crying out for help from everyone taken up by a Purple crystal." "Surely, I can come and go in dungeon and outside though, I can't fight." "My roll is searching for saving." "I save you and lead saving." "Do you understand?" "Humm, put more simply." "Alta requires your help. My roll is help you." "You can do it."
Janitor: "Aw, Not you again." "Is this body precious so much?" "This body doesn't think about you earnestly." "It thinks you to be only a convenient Chocobo."
Clerc: "That's wrong!" "Atla doesn't think such a thing." "Thank you Dor-kunn." "I managed make it in time."
Janitor: "Doesn't think?" "Yes. He thinks about you nothing."
Clerc: "No. I understand." "Because, I was born from anima of everyone taken up by you."
Janitor: "You've always worked hard, Clerc." "But, stop it any more."

DarkKobold: A dungeon crawler? I am there.
DarkKobold: Many of the meh votes came in before the translation was ready. I think this is worthy of the site, and will also appeal to our Japanese user base. Accepting.
Velitha: Making the encode and processing. Should be done in a day or two.

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