Submission #3060: laranja's SNES Riddick Bowe Boxing in 05:45.70

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 20776
ROM Filename Riddick Bowe Boxing (U).smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 1219
Unknown Authors laranja
Game Riddick Bowe Boxing
Submitted by laranja on 3/30/2011 9:41:06 AM

Submission Comments
Hello all, Riddick Bowe Boxing is a box game(huh!), here I make a demonstration of how the most underpowered character can make a perfect win agains a box legend totally overpowered status, without getting a finger laid.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snex9x 1.51 v7 svn147
  • Uses a sub-optimal Character!
  • Demonstration!
  • Genre: Sport, Fight
  • Playaround!(since aiming for fastest time should led me to the same combo)


Well, I tought about this game being tased, so I decide to pick it up but then I tought carefully, a full carrer mode should be rather repetitive making it boring, also the run should be around 40 minutes, making it very boring, so I tought carefully and noticed in the 1P vs CP I could pick up the strongest fighter, but I tought about the TAS meaning, to always provide a gameplay where the player is in total disavantage, so I decide to pick the worst character to go against the totally overpowered Riddick Bowe, in actual gameplay its pratically impossible to make it throught without a single damage plus perfect accurace, since its randomness is hard to predict too, so I make a demonstration on how even the worst can win against the best.


Round 1

Well! the run itself consist in 3 rounds, I will give the most important details I can. Since Riddick Bowe is a lot faster/stronger than me I have to be careful with his punchs, he could take me down in less than 10 punchs, while I needed almost 100 to barely give him damage, I hit most his face the first round due to his behaviours, I couldn't bend to hit his stomach or else he could hit me within 3 frames in the moment I bend, making it very hard to hit there, but I still get possibilities, so I manage to give him few punchs on the ballsstomach, but also the face damage was very important, in critical uppercuts it give the most damage since you have to finish him off giving a punch in the face when its gauge reach 0, also an important detail about using a uppercut, due to Bowe speed, in the moment I hit him he could immediately counter attack while I was still with the uppercut pose, so I manipulated his behavior to always make him hit on the side where the punch was given, so I could immediately defend. after many punchs,hooks and uppercut the round ends, also I make a nice abuse in the ringbell, in the moment it touches immediately the game push each player away, but forcing inputs can make you still fight for a little longer, I make this to make a last uppercut while the round was set off, was just an entertaiment purpose plus face damage.

Round 2

When a round ends it recovers a bit of each player gauge,body and face, since I wasn't damaged I didn't get any heal, but Bowe got, so one of the reasons I gave most damage to his face. Round 2 begins, I give a taunt to make it funny, yet I defends, also he changes his behaviour, he now gets bend more often to try hit me at diferent spots, also he even tries to taunt, but failed miserably, yet now I'm able to hit his lower part to deal some damage there too, also make few miserables chain combo(most combos arent possible to perform due to the character poor speed also against enemy great recovery from hits), also most combos are performed at his stomach, since the knockback comes after counter hits or criticals, also you will notice most of my counters come after 2 punchs, mostly because the game works this way, after 2 punchs you are free to counter, also a technical detail is that you can make your punch 2 frames before a punch connects to you, making this a good advantage to counter attack. Notice there is a part where I get close to him, I had to do that because he was defending the whole low part, but if I tried to hit his face he could immediately hit my lower, since I didn't wanted a single damage dealed, the only safe way I found was to stay close to him until games replace us but if you look closely while he was turtling I was defenseless, giving a free oportunities to let him hit me, was a nice AI abuse. To show another example of AI abuse, there is a part where I make 3 uppercuts in a row, he makes a defense to cover from both sides, he could hit me even in the moment I begin the uppercut since he is a lot faster than me, I hit him in the third one yet being safe, also you will notice he begins to retreat more, defending more himself, so I break the defense hitting in free spots to weakin him. A nice point too was in the moment the ringbell rings, I weakened his stamina also finishing him with an uppercut, making him down, also the counters begins, I bet for thoses who watched without reading this tought he wasn't going to get up in time huh!? 99 punchs dealed while 96 connected, when he defends a punch it count as a miss, so I didn't miss him, he just defended, it was for behavior manipulation, like hitting him on defense to make an uppercutt possible.

Round 3

Well, its time to settle this, the fight went far enough, once again he change his behaviours, also I abuses his AI,like tauntin on his very face giving a very free opportunity, but not only one but three times, also he could make 3 punchs instead of 2, so I had to be careful, also I had to give a quick bend in order to make him bend to in order to make me able to hit his face, and for the final input I finish him with an critical uppercut, this time he didn't even tried to get up!

Other comments

This one was fun to make, I hope the viewers like it, tried to make the best possible to make the worst character ridiculously win against the better since its in fact the hardest battle in the game. If I forgot to mention something someone might like to ask I can answer in the forum WB!

FractalFusion: Checking in.
FractalFusion: Uncancelling since the author has stated his intention to have it placed in Workbench again.
feos: The audience really liked this submission. Accepting for Moons and publishing.

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