Submission #3063: Sonikkustar's NES Chettahmen 3 - The Final Climax in 01:53.25

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 6806
ROM Filename Chettahmen 3 - The Final Climax (U).gen Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 2147483647
Unknown Authors Sonikkustar
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Sonikkustar on 3/31/2011 8:15:21 PM

Submission Comments
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Does your mother
  • Colors a chettah
  • Makes adelikat do another TMNT movie.
  • Uses Famtasia
  • Thats what she said
Suggested Screeenshot:

DarkKobold: Claimed for epicness. Just you wait.

DarkKobold: I am so there, where ever there is, and then some with that it is there to be where I am claimed.

Have at you, Cheetah Thong Man!
Ah, so we meet again, Chess Thong...
How shall we determine this? Say a game of chess?
That would put me at a disadvantage, perhaps we shall compare games, victor goes to the most putrid?
You dost protest, and yet aid to give yourself advantage! Everyone knows that Cheetahmen is the worst game ever. Shall we settle this like gentleman?
Hah, you are no gentleman, swine. I shall skewer you from head to toe.
Swords, it is then. I shall thrust my blade into your heart!
I thrusted your mother, just the forte night, dog.
I shall see your tongue parted from your mouth for such treacherous speech. My mother perished not but 30 years prior. How dare you beseech her in such foul manner?

Actually, son, he wasn't lying...

It is true son, we have been together for a few months now...

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