Submission #3190: JKRtas's NES Gryzor "Principal weapon" in 13:35.56

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 49014
ROM Filename Gryzor (J).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Principal weapon Rerecord Count 208
Unknown Authors JKRtas
Game Contra
Submitted by JKRtas on 6/23/2011 11:35:34 PM

Submission Comments
Contra is a video game series produced by Konami composed primarily of run and gun-style shoot-'em-ups. The series debuted in 1987 as a coin-operated arcade game simply titled Contra, which was followed by the release of Super Contra in 1988 and several sequels produced for various home platforms. The in-universe use of the term "Contra" is first explained within the Japanese instruction card of the arcade version of Contra, and reiterated in most games (including Contra: Shattered Soldier), as "a title awarded to a superior soldier possessing almost super human drive and ability, while excelling in guerrilla tactics".

Mission: Destroy Red Falcon

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.1.5
  • Principal weapon with R
  • Single player
  • Jump for shoot down

The movie

  • Basically it was emulated to 50% and 25%



The level is basically to arrive until a tower to happen to a full area of enemies.


In this level as already I said before, you must that to be destroying platforms, but it is not easy since there are many enemies everywhere.


You must be raising little by little to know that all this was a foreign invasion to happen to the following area


Well, it is just like the other base.

Snow field

These now in an area of snow in that you will have to avoid firing machines now, tanks, etc.

Energy zone

This area considers at the beginning, since it has several gas flights, causing fire blazes quite complicated, to be avoiding to be reached.


Another area in that you will have to avoid thorns, for your surprise in the last part, is a secret base in where it will take a place to you plagued of foreign.

Snow┬┤s lair

In this last area you will have to be more prepared to avoid deaths, like mutant shrimps, rare spiders, mouths, etc. In the end the personage escapes so that all the zone is destroyed totally and to leave victorious.

My opinion

This game considered one of the best ones at the time golden in the videojuegos. Today konami seems that it is going to send another delivery more of this fantastic game that to many considers the best one of the old school.
Greetings and enjoy

DarkKobold: claimed

DarkKobold: Hi and welcome to TASVideos. I'm sorry, this movie does not live up to the standards here. You should use frame advance, and should focus on optimizing the movie. This movie contains missed shots, slow downs for no reason, and etc. Please review the MovieRules before submitting another TAS. Rejected.

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