Submission #3219: sparky's PSX Mega Man X4 "X, 100%" in 39:45.00

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator PSXjin v2.0.1
Game Version USA Frame Count 143100
ROM Filename MegaMan X4 [SLUS-00561].bin Frame Rate 60
Branch X, 100% Rerecord Count 100861
Unknown Authors sparky
Game Mega Man X4
Submitted by sparky on 7/9/2011 1:24:49 PM

Submission Comments


  • PSXjin v2.0.1
  • SCPH-1001

100% completion

This run collects all of these items.
Web SpiderLife up, Foot
Cyber PeacockLife up, Sub Tank, Head
Storm OwlLife up, Arm
Magma DragoonLife up, Body
Jet StingrayLife up, Sub Tank
Split MushroomLife up
Slash BeastLife up
Frost WalrusLife up, Weapon Tank, Ex Tank

Takes damage to save time

  • In last stage, damages are taken to regain energy of Nova Strike.
  • A damage recovers availability of air dash and hovering.

Abuses programming errors

  • Skip mini-boss.
  • Ignore invincible time.

Luck manipulation

  • Bosses' action mode.
  • Item dropped by enemy. (bit)


Atma & FractalFusion's Zero run, Atma and RaijinXBlade's X WIP in Youtube and everyone in Mega Man X4 thread.

Nach: Judging.
Toothache: Youtube link added

Nach: Extremely entertaining and well played, accepting.

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