Submission #3230: partyboy1a's SNES Bonkers in 14:17.68

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 51461
ROM Filename Bonkers (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 7028
Unknown Authors partyboy1a
Game Disney's Bonkers
Submitted by partyboy1a on 7/22/2011 3:33:07 PM

Submission Comments
See Bonkers rescueing the world in just 9 minutes and 45 seconds of ingame time or 14 minutes and 17 seconds of realtime.
Encode by Antd:

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9x-1.51 (I used svn 113, but any version should work)
  • Sound rate: 48000 Hz
  • aims for fastest time
  • takes damage (once) to save time
  • manipulates luck
  • no programming errors abused


Here's another run from me which took very long time. This time it's Bonkers. It beats the TAS by Dark Fulgore by about 75 ingame seconds. You can find his TAS either on Youtube or at (Note: their timing stops with the last hit. If we did the same, it's ~13:12.) Sorry, I don't have an encode ready yet.
Story (stolen from Wikipedia): Bonkers is on his first case alone, and must retrieve the Toontown treasure of the Sorcerer's Hat (from Fantasia), the Mermaid's Voice (The Little Mermaid), and the Magic Lamp (Aladdin).

Game mechanics

Bonkers can walk, run, and throw bombs. While running, he can't throw bombs. Whenever he stops running, he needs to refresh before he can run again. When he is running, he can start rolling. He can also drink some kind of "potion". This will allow him to knock out his enemies by bumping into them for a certain amount of time without losing running speed.
If you need to stop at least one time to get rid of an enemy, it's a good idea to use a potion. When you used a potion and stop running, you can instantly run again.
When you start rolling, the "refreshing timer" starts and you still have full speed. If you jump, you can maintain this speed a little longer. You can see this especially in the sewerage level.
The game is very laggy. I did my best to minimize lag. You can't avoid all the lag.

About the bosses

The first two bosses need a good amount of luck manipulation. That's why I don't get first-frame hits there. The second boss took many many trials.
The third boss: You only need to hit the helicopter. If you knock out the flying rat, the helicopter will reappear much later.
The fourth boss gets invincible after every hit. If he gets vincible again, and there is a bomb in his hitbox, he will take damage again. Therefore, it doesn't matter that most of the bombs take a long way before they explode.
The fifth boss has a longer invincibilty time after the first hit. Therefore, I take damage as eary as possible to bomb him sooner. Otherwise, I would need to wait for one of his attacks.
The final boss is quite easy in a TAS. If you roll to the other side too early, he might lower his arm on the wrong side.

Closing words

This game is a great candidate for a frame war. It's incredibly difficult to optimize all the movements while minimizing lag... Just one example: In the level with the penguins, it should be possible to remove ~15 lag frames. But when I did that, one of the penguins a bit later in the level was staying at a very bad position, costing about 200 frames, so I decided to left them in. Another example: Sometimes, you need to throw bombs. If you stay on the floor, you will stop completely for that. If you're jumping while throwing the bomb, your movement speed will start to decrease. On the other hand, you need a certain height for hitting the obstacles. Another one: Getting all the necessary potions in the best possible way is also not trivial...
And now have fun watching this TAS!

DarkKobold: Judging

DarkKobold: Great movie, would love to see a framewar over this game. Accepting.

OmnipotentEntity: Encoding underway.

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