Submission #3245: SDR, Thevlackdemonn2294's N64 Mortal Kombat Trilogy "Endurance Mode" in 23:55.92

Console Nintendo 64 Emulator mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8
Game Version USA v1.0 Frame Count 86155
ROM Filename Mortal Kombat Trilogy (U) (V1.0) [!].z64 Frame Rate 60
Branch Endurance Mode Rerecord Count 57096
Unknown Authors SDR, Thevlackdemonn2294
Game Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Submitted by SDR on 8/8/2011 11:03:25 PM

Submission Comments
Mortal kombat trilogy is a game so much improved of the previous versions in case mk3 umk3 SNES version, with command more easy to works, but as always have bugs and glitches for fun us..
  • Mupen64 0.5 rerecording v8
  • Plugins: Video = Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6
          Input = N-Rage's Direct-Input 1.60
          Sound = Jabo's DirectSound 1.6
          RSP   = RSP emulation plugin  
  • Controllers:1 = Check
             2 = Check
             3 = Disconnected
             4 = Disconnected  
  • Game: 1 and 2player ( for have variety)
       Endurance mode
       very hard mode  
       Unlock Khameleon
       Play as Shang Tsung and Khameleon
       Cheat Versus Screen( Randpe Kombat,stage select and no powerbars)  
       Cheat select stage ( highlights sonia up+start)        
       Glitchs - fatality, brutality,babality,firendship and stage fatality + stuck frame
       Strage Combos
       100% combos or infinity combo
       Break combos
  • Objective: Entertaiment
           things interesting
           Abuses programming errors in the game 
  • Some About Shang Tsung;
He is Shao Kahn's lead sorcerer. He once fell out of favor with his emperor after failing to win the Earth Realm through tournament battle. But the ever scheming Shang Tsung is instrumental in Kahn's conquest of Earth. He has now been granted more power than ever. When Shao Kahn overtakes the Earth, he needs Shang Tsung to help locate the surviving humans. Granted new powers, Tsung soon discovers his dark emperor's true plan: as soon as the remaining warriors are disposed of, Kahn will take Tsung's own soul. After learning this, Tsung turns on his master. He catches Motaro off guard and then defeats Shao Kahn. But before the Earth can return to normal, Tsung takes all the souls as his own. He will forever rule the Earth with his own brand of evil.
  • Comments
This is my first work together to the TheVLACKDEMONN2294,it was a hard work becuase most of the glitches we found by chance, without couting when the game stopped because of the bugs to the finished some rounds and when happened desynchs, but I'm glad for finished it when we started the tas,we did one route called "router playaround" for we organized ourselves during each match and fight against CPU. The TAS is a lot interesting mainly of as are built the glitches step by step during the movie. We trying show the best of the skills of each fighter and as the CPU is stupid, when we doing some moves and how it reacts her.
 *Route Playaround 
  • 1- choose champion tower, endurance mode, unlock khameleon and choose shang tsung
  • 2- fight1 vs khameleon
  • 3- fight2 vs motaro
  • 4- fight3 vs endurance of 2
  • 5- fight4 vs endurance of 2
  • 6- fight5 vs endurance of 3
  • 7- before the fight6 add a 1vs1 match: khameleon vs shang tsung or a character that has many moves as (Noob Saibot, Reptile, ermac) and win Khameleon
  • 8- fight6 vs endurance of 2
  • 9- before the fight7 add a 1vs1 match: randper kombat
  • 10- fight7 vs endurance of 2
  • 11- before the fight8 add a 3vs3 match and a 1vs1 match:3vs3 using GSF
  • 1vs1: shang tsung vs shang tsung and win player 2 and use the stage fatality glitch
  • 12- fight8 vs endurance of 3
  • 13- fight9 vs endurance of 2
  • 14- fight10 vs endurance of 3
  • 15- fight11 vs shao kahn
There is more other glitch that we wanted add more not adding to the tas for not be repetitive. The Glitch frame stuck is the best MKT's glitch, it causes a lot of things crazy in the fight, and with it you can cancel any special move in one punch, kick or other special move and when your opponent is in "finish" the second opponent can attack it only with throws or brutalities.
  • Fighting
  • 1 vs Khameleon: this is a fight that show the reaction of the cpu to the nightwolf makes roundhouse kicks and in the end the fatality with displacement when
khameleon receive the Sektor's Homing Missile
  • 2 vs Motaro: introduce one 100% looping as raiden and one fail Nightwolf's Shoulder Charge
  • 3 vs endurance(2): this is one fight that show the manipulation against cpu and end with a Stage Fatality glitch with skull floating on the wall.
  • 4 vs endurance(2): glitch at each entrance of the second fighter and somke fail fatality.
  • 5 vs "(3) : raiden(cpu) animation glitch and multistage Fatality .
  • 6 macht 1vs1 : cheat select stage + versus sream no powerbar, cancel throw , play as khameleon , stage fatality glitched
  • 7 vs "(2) : funny moviments + babality explosive.
  • 8 match 1vs1 : stage scorpion lair, randpe Kombat + new stage fatality glitch
  • 9 vs "(2) : insane kung lao moves and Jonh Cage's fatality triple head
  • 10 Match 3vs3 : Highlight match! here happens many Glitches generated by the GSF( Glitch stuck frame) used by sub-zero and Cirax
in the moment of the at the time of the defeat of each fighter and introduce the more glitched brutalityof all times.
  • 11 Match 1vs1 : Tsung vs tsung, stage the pit,nice combos and stage fatality more fatality.
  • 12 vs "(3) :draw game by GSF causing a false "Finish,Him!"
  • 13 vs "(2) :fail jade's fatality
  • 14 vs "(3) : glitch caused by GSF Raiden(powebar) nightwolf as player(cpu) + fatality interruped
  • 15 vs Shao Kahn : crazy fight, full of combo interesting and humiliation against the boss. The figh end with a kabal's web spin after of a fireball.
I hope you will enjoy this work! =)

Nach: So this is yet another Mortal Kombat TAS which I went into, thinking: "will be superfluous". Either too similar to an existing run to publish, or something to obsolete an existing run, despite being a slightly different game or having slightly different objectives. However early on, it became clear that the use of characters in MKT not in UMK3, and a different fighting engine, even though it's pretty similar, was enough to make this run stand on its own. This leaves the question, is the run entertaining enough?
You bet it is! Not only did this run entertain, it did so differently than the existing UMK3 runs. The general idea may be the same, but most of the moves were fresh and quite different. The run started a bit slowly, but quickly turned into non stop action. This is probably the most action packed N64 run I've seen to date.
This run is chock full of great fighting antics, insulting the AI, synchronized identical special moves with the AI, yet using a completely different character, and glitches galore. It also pleased expectations well, when you guys kept punching the enemy up through the floors, I knew it would have to end with the enemy being impaled in the ceiling. You guys did so, although initially the fatality never even took place! The 3 on 3 fighting segment was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a TAS. I can't even be sure it was 3 on 3, maybe 5 on 8? You forgot to mark this run "*Abuses the viewer".
So yeah, I'm gonna reje... erm, great audience response, and I personally loved it too, this is what we aim for in TASs. Accepting.
Nahoc: will encode/publish this baby.

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