Submission #3272: Master of Pigs's GBC Wario Land 3 in 1:18:15.38

Console Game Boy Color Emulator VBA
Game Version JPN Frame Count 281723
ROM Filename Warioland 3 (J) (M2) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 28756
Unknown Authors Master of Pigs
Game Wario Land 3
Submitted by Master of Pigs on 8/29/2011 6:27:46 AM

Submission Comments
Emulator used: VBA-rr-svn330.exe

Tricks that have been used and some explanations:
Multiple jumps glitch: Cause a rolling camera pulling various sprites that are below the scenario. To make it work, you must be in a room with moving camera and get close to half of that scenario. The use of moving frame is necessary, it should be a picture and jump to another frame several times. Rooms that do not have mobile camera does not work. It is ideal for jumping sprites that block the passage without any special item.
Cutting the impact of blocks: While Wario is rushing to destroy some blocks, you can use the jump to a table close to the ground, and Wario will lose the race but will not be pushed against the blocks can redo it take to destroy yet another block in front.
Colliding corner of the ceiling: Very near the corner of a roof, Wario can hit it with a jump and in the following table it will appear in a side wall where the ceiling, it helps to jump.
Cutting damage with the use of the ladder: When an attack is very close to the Wario, to cut the effect of the damage I can get off the ladder and return immediately, so you will not have wasted time.
Tricks prolonged speed:
1 - Jumping: Can be used two frames before finishing his run, and extend for longer running speed up to Wario to reach the ground.
2 - Sliding: Used when it is press the "B" precione button so I could slide down together, and Wario will skid much faster than if you were walking very useful when to jump a hole.
Cutting delays of the output stairs: In the third frame before leaving a ladder, use the "B" to drag a little on the walls and reach the ground without the delays normally when you finish climbing the stairs. Can you use when descending from esad too.
Choosing the Japanese language: Many will not like, but I chose this language because the words are smaller, so less frames saves me during a conversation. Excuse me.
Manipulation of Luck: 1-Mini golf courses I chose only "3 shots to par" to finish them with only one shot. 2-Some bosses have weaknesses random, I chose the points easier to set.
Accessing the key red of the phase Pool of Rain: I have no good explanation about it, just believe that the pure rom depend on a "save state" memory cartridge itself. How is one pure rom is the only way to save and resetting.

Nach: In order to be published, a movie has to beat all existing records. This run is more than a 1/3 slower than an existing record, as explained in the thread. Rejecting.

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