Submission #3300: Soig's NES Contra "pacifist" in 09:35.93

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.1.5
Game Version JPN Frame Count 34613
ROM Filename Contra (J).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch pacifist Rerecord Count 7438
Unknown Authors Soig
Game Contra
Submitted by Soig on 9/24/2011 12:37:57 PM

Submission Comments

Tasv4 - Contra (J) “Pacifist” in 9:35.90 by Soig.

Emulator used: FCEU 0.98.28. Fcm was converted to fm2 by FCEUX 2.1.5.

This run beats published run 326 frames. About 5.43 seconds.

Improvements of every area:

Area 1: 1 frame faster.

The improvement came from 1 less jump.

Area 2: 2 frames faster.

1 frame improvement came from room 1. Published run waste 1 frame here. Maybe the author didn’t pay attention to that wasted frame. I beat big boss 1 frame faster. So total improvements were 1+1=2 frames.

Area 3: 241 frames faster.

I made full use of double-floor jump. Saved much time!

Area 4: 20 frames faster.

Room 2 saved 1 frame. Room 3 saved 16 frames. Because I pressed down instead of jumping. So that I could take the shoot earlier than published run. Room 4 saved 1 frame. Room 5 saved 2 frames. So total improvements were 1+16+1+2=20 frames.

Area 5: No improvement.

It is same as published run in this area.

Area 6: 15 frames faster.

I lost 4 frames at three fires place. Due to worse frame randomness. Lost 5 frames at two fires place. (At the 24942nd frame) After that, I lost 1 frame. (In fact, I didn’t pay attention to here. When I found here, I have finished area 7. So I didn’t correct here. Please forgive me @_*). Because of it, and I really wanted to save some time in area 6. So it was possible to save time at boss. When I fought against boss, I tried to make boss move to left later. So that I could run to the right after beating him. And finally, I saved 25 frames! (There were 2 frames improvement came from beating boss faster.) So total improvements were -4-5-1+25=15 frames.

Area 7: 4 frames faster.

I lost 4 frames from the 27645th frame to the 27649th frame. Due to worse frame randomness. But fortunately, I saved about 14 frames from the 27969th frame. Also, I lost some time at other frames. Total improvements were 4 frames.

Area 8: 43 frames faster.

I beat mini boss faster. Saved 14 frames. 29 frames saved because of the improvements of the place nearly final boss. So total improvements were 14+29=43 frames. The whole run’s improvements were 1+2+241+20+0+15+4+43=326 frames faster.
What’s more. This run is more entertaining. But unfortunately, player died finally. What a pity...
Hope you’ll like it.

Nach: Very nice. About time we had a more efficient climb up the 3rd level. I also really liked how you handled area 7. Accepting as improvement to existing run.

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