Hedgehog Launch

  • Id: 3374
  • Platforms: Flash
  • Abbreviation: Hedgehog-Launch
  • Display Name: Hedgehog Launch
  • Action


Hedgehog Launch is an arcade-style Flash that's about sending a hedgehog into space. With the use of slingshot, some rockets, and maybe a parachute, it's up to you to send this one lucky hedgehog past the atmosphere and into the empty vacuum of space. On its way up there, you can control the hedgehog to land on bouncy platforms to assist it and collect coins for upgrades in addition to the money you receive with each launch. And let's not worry on whether or not the hedgehog can survive up there.
Here, Spikestuff beats the game in record time by exploiting a quirk with the Adobe Flash Player where the mouse can be used outside of the window to interact with the game. As the game itself does not impose limits on this, the hedgehog can instantly be launched into space at sub-relativistic speeds by stretching the slingshot really really far away.

Game Versions

TypeNameTitle OverrideRegionVersionPlatformHashes
Good 445366_hedgehoglaunch_public.swf U 1.1 Flash SHA1: a835d63b25b6306feb142d913d15e5683bfbc79e
MD5: 02ceb824579f74ac005d856992fb8da8