Submission #3375: X2poet's Arcade Metal Slug 5 in 17:37.27

Console Arcade Emulator
Game Version World Frame Count 63436
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 96084
Unknown Authors X2poet
Game Metal Slug 5
Submitted by X2poet on 11/19/2011 10:06:18 PM

Submission Comments


Wow,This is JUST ON TIME! Using 2H and 20 bombs can one turn kill the the last boss.
If hit 1 frame later,boss would fly out.So using 300+300 2H to hit it is right.
The last boss has 8000 HP,1H can hit 10.The 2H in MS5 is not the same as 4,so 2 bullets for one shoot.So 300 can take 3000. 3000+3000+2000=8000.
Before the elephant.I use pistal to hit it so that I can get the right numbers of 2H. But it must be with full bullets.
I just watched it many times and finally compared the frames so that I can kill the boss successfully.

Mukki: Judging...
Mukki: Accepting as an improvement to the currently published run.
Aktan: Processing...

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