Submission #3398: goofydylan8, Blublu's NES Kickle Cubicle in 59:48.31

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 215653
ROM Filename Kickle Cubicle Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors goofydylan8, Blublu
Game Kickle Cubicle
Submitted by goofydylan8 on 12/19/2011 7:21:52 PM

Submission Comments
In this movie Kickle must traverse 97 stages collecting dream bags on each level and beat 4 bosses to save a princess. This is accomplished by glitch running across the grid shaped courses to beat levels much faster than would be possible otherwise.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: fceux 2.1.5
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes no damage


As stated above this game consists of a total of 101 levels in which the character Kickle Cubicle must traverse. Kickle has the ability to blow frozen air on to enemies freezing them. The blue enemies when frozen become blocks that are able to be kicked to kill other enemies or fill in gaps in the water so that goals may be reached. Kickle's other move is to place ice pillars to prevent enemies from reaching locations and can be used as stoppers when you kick the frozen enemies.
It usually takes Kickle 16 frames to get from one block to another block on the course but the game was designed so that after 7 or 8 frames you would be able to begin turning and moving in the other direction without moving back to the previous block. This is abused in this game by having Kickle turn for one frame so that he moves up to the next block and then immediately start moving forward again.

Other comments


I would like to thank TASer blublu for his previous attempt at a TAS. His attempt helped make sure I was using optimal routes and gave me a few ideas I hadn't considered. Since I used his input on around 25 of the 101 levels, with his permission, I have listed him as a co-author.

Possible improvements:

There is a way to eliminate about 2 seconds from the run using a trick Randil came up with where you preplan your left and right one frame turns for each level but as this would barely affect the total time of the run and would take an immense amount of calculations and redoing it was left off.

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