Submission #3409: SDR, Thevlackdemonn2294 & Dark_Noob's SNES Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 "Glitchfest" in 30:28.38

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (U).smc
Submitted by SDR on 12/25/2011 11:38:13 PM
Submission Comments
This game is one of the best known and well received Mortal Kombats. There are many different versions of it - in the arcade version the gameplay is smoother, but overall UMK3 SNES remains the best one because in comparison it has more fighters, brutalities, improved special move lists (for example Stryker's machine gun is not in the SNES MK3), more modes and the fake mercy glitch.
I'm sure this game had a part in most people's childhoods. But now we're going to show you another side of the game that you've never seen before.
Snes9X v1.52-rr(svn184)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (U)
Cheat: Kool Stuff > Enable Pause check
1 and 2 player
Cheat: versus screen very hard mode
Shows All stages and finishes (Brutalities, Fatalities,
Friendships, Stage Fatalities, babalities and mercy)
Play as Shang Tsung, Robot Smoke, Human Smoke, Noob Saibot and Rain
Glitches - Stuck Frame, Palette, Eruption Vulcanic, later fatality, Teleport,
Invisible Fan, Tug, freeze project and
Cyrax Bomb+Web+teleport crash..
Strange Combos
100% or infinite combos
Break Finishes
Animality: don't work in this version
Interesting things
New Stuff
Abuses programming errors in the game
Born more a UMK3 glitch RUN,
This is my second work together with Vlackdemon2294 but the first w/ Dark Noob. This run was the longest run that I've participated in. We created a forum to discuss, make runs and show new stuff about any Mortal Kombats there are. That's why Me, Vlack and Dark Noob represent the MKtascommunity, have user Akheon it's a exemple.
At first we only thought to make a Freeplay TAS for fun on our forum, but then Vlack suggested to submit it to TASvideos once it was done. And again we were devising a complete route, and looking for new tricks and glitches... In this TAS we put in more matches to show all our knowledge about this game.
There still are more glitches we know, but they'd need different circumstances to work. I'd say that the goal of the Run = Entertaiment.
Here's the topic about this TAS on our MK forum: [dead link removed]
And Here is our Route
Route Playaround :
1-the first option is to unlock the kool stuff and check "enable pause" and start with shang tsung
2-before the fight1 add a 2vs2 match: p1 reptile/shang tsung p2 ermac/mileena and win two rounds with p1
3-fight1 vs cpu
4-fight2 vs cpu
5-before the fight3 add a 1vs1 match: rain vs nightwolf using the cheat One Button Fatalities 944-944 and win with p1
6-fight3 vs cpu
7-before the fight4 add a 1vs1 match:noob saibot vs shang tsung in the pit 3 and win with noobsaibot using stage fatality glitch in this match §I would like to add this stage or this§
9-fight4 vs cpu
10-before the fight5 add a 1vs1 match:randper kombat
11-fight5 vs cpu
12-before the fight6 add a 1vs1 match:shang tsung vs shang tsung using the cheat hyper fighting
13-fight6 vs cpu
14-fight7 vs cpu
15-before the fight8 add a 2vs2 match: p1 shang tsung/noob p2 cyrax/shang tsung in this match use palette glitch, volcanic eruption glitch and end with a fatality glitch winning as p2
16-fight8 vs endurance
17-fight9 vs endurance
18-fight10 vs motaro
19-fight11 vs shao kahn
We were having a of lot desyncs, mainly me (SDR), and I think the biggest problems in the run were caused by Palette, Eruption, fan Tug and bomb/web/teleport glitches. The memory of the game was manipulated while doing them and the game could sometimes crash a lot or a random game over could happen. Here's an example:
... but we canning finishe it with big events never seen.
I hope that you enjoy this hard work by me, Vlackdemon2294 and Dark Noob. Warning: it's a very glitched run!
Akheon a special thanks for your help in the text description

Mukki: Judging...
Mukki: I'm accepting this as an obsoletion of the currently published UMK3 playaround. We do not need two playarounds of the same game, especially as many of the glitches are shared between both runs. Both runs do the glitchy fighting very well, but this new run adds many interesting level and background glitches that are not shown in the previous run and so, among other things, fulfills the entertainment goal better.
Velitha: Processing...
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