Submission #3471: ch_mand's SNES Kirby's Avalanche "100%" in 00:00.03

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Kirby's Avalanche (U) [!].smc
Submitted by ch_mand on 2/24/2012 4:11:33 PM
Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9X v1.51+ for Windows.
  • Objectives: Ending.



player1 : L + Right
player2 : R + Left


Kirby's Avalancheを起動直後の1Frameで判定が行われ、
押していなかった場合、または必要なButton以外を押されていた場合は通常のNintendo Logoが表示されます。
Kirby's Avalancheを起動してから
1Frameで、 P1:L + Right P2:R + Left をinputします。
2Frame で movie end.  endingになります。

FractalFusion: Translation:
From start-up, pressing these buttons makes the game end:
player1: L + Right
player2: R + Left
How the ending is determined from start-up:
On the first frame right after start-up, it is determined.
Pressing the 4 buttons gives the ending.
If they are not pressed, or any other buttons are pressed, the Nintendo logo shows up.
From start-up:
On the first frame, input P1:L + Right P2:R + Left.
One the second frame, movie end, and the ending will occur.

Nach: While this is theoretically the fastest time through the game, the movies submitted here need to go beyond normal, and entertain. Skipping immediately to the end misses the point. We want to see creative gameplay, not just skipping all gameplay. This would make a good April Fool's submission though.
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