Submission #3488: dark_rocco's SNES Super Turrican in 11:20.58

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 40835
ROM Filename Super Turrican (U).smv Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors dark_rocco
Game Super Turrican
Submitted by dark_rocco on 3/6/2012 12:44:11 AM

Submission Comments
Super Turrican in the hardest mode with no damage taken
  • Emulator snes9x 1.43 v9
  • Emulator settings : use wip1 timing, allow left+right, fake mute desync workaround
  • Start from the beginning
  • Aims for fastest time with no damage
I submit last month my first Tas on this game but it was not a "No Damage" like the Cardboard's TAS. So I try to make one and finally, found more little new tricks. It's an improvement of 600 frames on Cardboard's tas and 222 frames on mine.
Level 1-1: 12 frames wins
  • improvement of the end of the level by destroying only the 2 upper lines of blocs and roll on the lower one.
level 1-2: 227 frames wins
  • little optimization of rolling technique, a new exit (with a corner jump which is an improvement of my last Tas "thanks to Cardboard for this idea")
level 1-3: 85 frames wins
  • Better optimization of rolling technique. I modify it than cardboard's Tas. Putting mines may sometimes to go back for one frame (so there is 2 frames lost each mine, go back, go forward). I decide to keep this technique in only the level which are too short to use all the rolling ball and delete it in the longest level to keep the highest speed possible. This technique allow me to go faster on the slower parts like the lava in the end of this level.
  • Shooting meteorites as fast as possible can make the others to appear more quickly, so we can win some frames in this part.
level 2-1 & level 2-2
  • no improvement
level 2-3: 38 frames wins
  • at time 391, the way down is faster than waiting enemies end freeze it to jump on the right
this the best winning frames in this level. And less than 10 frames in the rest of the level (But in cardboard's Tas, the boss is nearly 20 frames shorter)
level 3-1: 76 frames wins & level 3-2: 8 frames wins
  • better optimization of rolling ball and few jumps
In my first Tas, it was nearly 20 frames shorter but I have some one-lag-frames problems sometimes and it have consequences on enemies position so I couldn't done better.
level 3-3: 1 frame win
  • And I don't know why :) It's the same course of Cardboard's Tas.
level 4-1: 153 frames wins
  • This improvement is the result of a secret way in the end of this level. I knew it when I was young and Play on Snes but don't remember it in my first Tas. That is why I've restart a new run and go faster in many levels to my surprise.
level 4-2: 2 frames lost
  • Some lags i can't delete. Raaaaahhh.
level 4-3: 3 frames wins
  • No need to say anymore
Final Boss: 1 frame lost
  • another one-lag-frame
I would like to thanks Cardboard for his first Tas which help me in the entire run and for offer me some ideas to improve my first Tas and thanks all the people who enjoy to watch this movie. (And also thanks to my brain to remember this shortcut in the level 4-1 :) )

Nach: There doesn't seem to be any reason or demand to have two branches for this game. Accepting as improvement to existing run.
Nahoc: Processing...

Last Edited by Nahoc on 3/28/2012 2:24:00 PM
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