Submission #3496: Bernka's Windows Rosenkreuzstilette "Spiritia" in 27:58.25

Hourglass r81
Submitted by Bernka on 3/18/2012 1:59 PM
Submission Comments
The game version should be "any v1.05c", I proved that this movie can be played completely at any translation of 1.05c, despite I made it at English version.

RKS(RosenKreuzStilette) is a doujin (同人) game clones megaman with girls,inherits all the features of megaman,such like boss selection,getting weapon from defeated boss and refighting bosses.The stages reuse many areas in MM1-MM6,and the bosses has the same features from megaman.You will find it very familiar as a megaman game while enjoying.Also,RKS is a profession in this game,a person who owns “magic” is called RKS.We can also call the game Blades of the Rose Cross.

Game Introduction

As a doujin game of megaman,RKS becomes a well-known game thanks to its beautiful pictures,wonderful controlling and background music.There are two playable characters,Spiritia and Grolla. They are both able to use more powerful weapons below half of healthy.
  • Spiritia,who is like classic megaman,just can slide,charge shot and get boss’s weapons,plus item 1&2 from MM2.
  • Grolla,who is more like megaman Zero,she can dash,wall jump and charge her sword,but won’t get other weapons and items.
Spiritia is the default character,you can use her without doing anything,if you want to switch them,you can use a code before game start menu.
The game has “story” mode and “arcade” mode to play,their difference is just whether display dialogues or not.You can also choose “prologue” to play the game from the very beginning,witch includes opening stage,or select “game start”,to skip opening stage.The difficulty of this game is also hard as megaman. See more:

Game Objectives

  • Game version: v1.05c
  • Tool used: hourglass-r81
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Plays as default character (Spiritia)
  • Uses no password and no in-game code
  • Beats the game without viewer doing anything

How to play this movie

  • Download Hourglass-r81 here
  • Open hourglass and change settings:
Multithreading and Wait Sync: Allow
Rumtime->App Locale->Force Japanese locale
  • Choose exe file at “Game Executable” and wtf file at “Movie Flie”
  • Keep other settings default and click “Run And Play Existing Movie”
This game has a replay function,witch is able to replay the inputs with rpy file.So you can enjoy this run by this rpy file [dead link removed].Put the rpy file into replay folder,enter replay menu and play it.Don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful background music.

About this run

This run play in 27:58,with the first character,Spiritia as the game player.For saving time,so this run uses “arcade” mode and begins with skipping opening stage.It starts at boss selection,I work out a best route for beating the following 8 stages:
RKS002 Fruedia->RKS006 Grolla- > RKS008 Liebea->RKS005 Luste->RKS003 Zorne->RKS009 Schwer->RKS007 Sichte->RKS004 Trauare

Stage by stage comments

RKS002 Fruedia Neuwahl

At a cold and write snowfield, Fruedia is waiting for Spiritia.They are close friend since their childhood,but now they have to fight for each other.
Ground is covered by heavy snow and being smooth,if you continue to slide can be a little faster.Next zone is built with blue and green blocks like Flashman in MM2,they are not smooth,but you should care about the lasers witch kill you by a hit.This is a classic area reuses Quickman in MM2,too.The last zone,it is snowing,for changing RNG value very often,I also pick up a health tank when I out of previous zone.After entering boss’ room,I jump for avoiding force action and moving close to Fruedia.She never opens her eyes (the battle won’t start before she opens her eyes) until you stand on the ground more than 2 frames.The battle starts,I manipulate her to use triangle attack in order to keep her appearing and defeat her quick with charge shot.
  • Weapon:Freuden Stachel
  • Feature:can be used while sliding.

RKS006 Grolla Seyfarth

On the boss shown,know that this is the second protagonist of this game.If you choose her,you will fight to Spiritia.
This is a dead zone,most of ghosts wandering under the moonlight.With Freuden Stachel’s help,I can destroy most of enemies without delay.Miniboss falls very fast by hits combo and switch of weapons.I must say something about the sword skeleton,these guys always stop me with their sword soul,so I have to destroy them before they do this.There is a head skull wandering on the ground,I can’t destroy it without Grolla’s weapon,but I can hit it and let it stops.Boss fight looks foolish,Grolla just walks ahead and jumps back again and again,letting me keep a long distance from her.I often switch weapons so that I can shot in my charging time,and manipulate luck.Though I don’t get her weak weapon yet,but I am eager for item “eins” as the item 1 in MM2.
  • Weapon:Groll Schwert
  • Feature:attacks at a short distance

RKS008 Liebea Palesch

This tall building is a magic lab,and full of obstacles.Electricity always discharge on the wall,but it is nothing for me due to item “eins”,ignore them easily.The spike things are setting on high place,they won’t kill you but give you a bit damage instead.Knowing that I can’t switch the weapons while I am using item “eins”,so I just take damage to get through them,and recover a few MP for item “eins”.Because of Spiritia’s low HP(down to half),her weapons become more powerful,so the strongest enemy,stone devil is destroyed easily.Nothing to say about boss fight,and how foolish those electricity is……
  • Weapon:Liebes Strum
  • Feature:full-screen attack

RKS007 Luste Teuber

This is a high area stage that requires item “eins” a lot for jumping higher.You can see the fan enemy is more like Airman in MM2,and its ability is slowing me down,so I will destroy it as soon as I can. Liebes Strum can’t be used while sliding,so I stand up on a frame and launch it,it is also the boss’ weak weapon.Manipulate luck with useless shot for dropping MP capsule at the right place,due to the last zone requires item “eins” a lot.Thanks to full-screen attack of Liebes Strum,boss fight redo very few and easily.I also get a item “zwei” as item 2 in MM2.
  • Weapon:Lust Atem
  • Feature:8 directions attack

RKS003 Zorne Sepperin

Well,all the elements are red and hot,the lava you will never touch under the floor,just a decoration of this stage.The robots looks like Zorne,it can only throw time bomb and the bomb gives you damage when it explodes.Item “zwei” is used for a no wall zone,it is always faster than slide,but it needs a few time to launch.The Lust Atem charging shot wounds Zorne the same as normal shot,and being slower,so I fight her with normal shot.
  • Weapon:Zornes Bombe
  • Feature:attacks at a large range of 4 directions

RKS009 Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle

Is it Metalman stage?There are full of unexpected traps,most people will be caught in the first trap on the right,that’s why I turn left at first.The robot dogs look like classic megaman’s,they won’t attack but jetting,I can stand on them,though they are not fast enough for me. Can you see some corns?This is also a classic area from Super Mario,and they are collectable just like playing Mario.After that a robot throws me a skull tank,it will explode when you touch it,what a surprise gift!There are many hidden ways can access to connected places,I found one for saving time.The last zone,is a long conveyor belt and a lot of enemies beside,I don’t need to do anything but proceed.The Zornes Bombe charging shot,produces full of time bombs on all the floors,they explode just like Bombman with fire.
  • Weapon: Geister Wand
  • Feature: protects player from gunshot

RKS005 Sichte Meister

Tn the heavy rain,some zones become smooth,but it dosen’t speed me up as like snow.Thanks to that,rainwater accumulate as water flows,they push me tend to where they go to.Miniboss falls by 4 Geister Wands. Groll Schwert is a special weapon,the lower HP you have,the more powerful it be,I take damage before boss fight for reducing HP so that Groll Schwert becomes more powerful.Item “zwei” is used for approaching Sichte,and wound with physical contact,give her more damage.
  • Weapon:Die Geplante Zukunft
  • Feature:time hold

RKS004 Trauare Wrede

According to boss shown,we know that Trauare likely comes from MMZ,she also lives in a water city.As we know,megaman moves slower and jumps higher in the water. Die Geplante Zukunft is used for stopping miniboss to appear,it won’t stop until it uses up.There is a big hole can be reached,at the bottom of the hole,I get an item that makes Lilli (someone like elf in MMZ) useful.Of boss fight,Geister Wand wounds Trauare the most in one hit whether it charges or not.
  • Weapon:Klage Harnisch
  • Feature:attacks with 3 whirlwinds
Zeppelin stages are Castlevania style stages and most of bosses come from Castlevania.

Zeppelin stage 1

Not much to say,just abuse item “eins” for moving faster.The boss like where I saw.

Zeppelin stage 2

Nothing to say…

Zeppelin stage 3

This stage depends on many luck manipulation for filling up the MP of the special weapon and 2 items,and item “eins” is required very often in the rest parts.The boss like a death is recalled by Zeppelin,who was also Grolla’s master and grandfather.For the first form,only his Death Scythe will fight and he is just a viewer, Groll Schwert is weak weapon for him.But for the second form,he join in the battle,and Groll Schwert normal shot is invalid for him,so I switch Klage Harnisch to fight him.

Zeppelin stage 4

The last stage of Zeppelin,I take damage on purpose in the boss fight.When fight to the second form,he becomes a devil.Due to my low HP, Groll Schwert is very useful for him.Easy to end this battle.But the final boss isn’t him.It is Iris,the Zeppelin’s daughter,you can see she is just a kid,but she has very strong power.The cutscene copied from MM5,witch makes me moving.Also the same final boss shown,Dr. Wily’s classic action…

Iris stage 1

Forward to the boss,is a golden spider,witch acts on some steel wires,I found them variable.For letting it comes down faster,manipulate the steel wires as less lines under the spider,after it go back,I can’t wound it at all.

Iris stage 2

This is a long stage,with the gravity flows,I can change my stand.The enemies are so hard to destroy that I use time hold for escape.Say something about the boss,is reused again and again in megaman game,though it is also a classic boss in megaman.

Iris stage 3

OK,boss rush is in here,not much to say,you will guess this is the last stage,but Iris also escapes just like Dr.Wily.

Iris stage 4

The final stage of this game,from I ride a dragon to slide for touching the boss door,is the last action,why you can see I just standing here without doing anything?Lilli is required for this fight,she can attack without my order,make it actually possible!Yes,just standing,and defeated her,the final boss.

In-game clear time:

Due to the final boss fight,it should be longer than the play time of this run.


  • erka:es,the publisher of this game.
  • RZN,the provider for downloading of this game.
  • And you,for reading this text.
I hope you will like this run and this game XD.
That’s all.

Guga: You can't give ROMs. Removing link for download.

turska: Judging.

turska: Extremely fabulous. Accepting for publication.

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