Henry Stickmin 4: Infiltrating the Airship

  • Id: 3592
  • Platforms: Flash
  • Abbreviation: hs4ita
  • Display Name: Henry Stickmin 4: Infiltrating the Airship
  • Game Groups:
  • Storybook


Henry Stickmin 4: Infiltrating the Airship is a storybook-like Flashgame with gameplay elements borrowed from other games and fourth game in the Henry Stickmin series. Henry Stickmin has been captured by a secret department of the US Government and is forced to take down the Toppat Clan in exchange for all charges against him for the crimes he committed in the previous game dropped. To do this, he must infiltrate the Toppat Clan's airship and literally bring it down. Of course, there are many ways this could end.
Spikestuff gets all the good endings in this game as fast as possible with the help of a few glitches that make it so they don't have to replay the game in full to get some of the good endings.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Unknown 618518_Airship.swf U Flash
Sha1: 385A8A356459B68A31C5F851AF3F218C3A960934
Md5: 83BD8B55CB00A43C7C0FFBCA43304086
Hack 618518_Airship-noloader.swf U Flash
Sha1: F0AE14A6111DFC8685188D33265E8201B6104E16
Md5: D903D78B551EE4648C332C298B4FB5AC