Submission #3597: feos's NES Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 "1 player" in 15:13.80

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2)
1 player
FCEUX 2.1.6
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (U) [!].nes
Submitted by feos on 5/9/2012 8:22:30 PM
Submission Comments
Emproved my last submission of that by 00:34.38 seconds.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.1.6 TASEditor
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Glitch abuse


Same as in previous submission, but now I considered that pressing Right just before the pre-level lag starts, you gain 2 pixels. The game has no X-subpixels, and Y-subpixels don't alter randomly as in the first game, so subpixels were not optimised here. X-speed is always 2 ppf.
If you are blinking from being damaged you can't scroll the screen up. This means even when you can damage-boost up, you still have to wait until you stop blinking.
On the other side, there's a moving platform in clock tower level that starts moving down and left once you spawn it with screen scrolling. FiskerN lost a bunch of frames waiting for it to go up again to be able to reach the platform above. I instead take damage to prevent scrolling too fast anf spawn this platform at the very moment when I'm over it already, so I jump & reach the upper platform easily.
Though this caused the last in-level elevators to start movig later. I mean, I make the screen scroll up til the end later, and it scrolled right then later too. The result is some lost frames because I had to wait while the last elevator goes up enough. I tried to scroll the screen so fast that I would be able to jump on that last elevator BEFORE it goes down. but a silly couple of pixels didn't allow me to reach the last platform that early D:
Much time was saved thanks to picking less R/R icons. Each icon costs 4 frames on he countdown.
Also, I reduced random lag by random jumps and taking damage, as well as by route changes.
Somewhere you could pick boxes to go further faster, where these boxes are on your way. But it almost always causes lag, and while you don't lose frames picking them, the throw animation is quite long.
In Western World there are these falling stones when you ride the wagon. It falls when the screen reaches some point, and after you activatad its fall you shall release Right to let the stone fall. The strange thing with the first stone in all 3 rooms is that you shall release Right a couple of frames sooner to make the stone fall faster. And you press Right then sooner again, than if the stone was falling normally.

Hidden balls and stones

Originally the glitched ball was discovered by Spiiin and we didn't know how to pull several balls in a row from that platform, because you need to fall to the void, hold to the right, sliding down the left corner, and press Right+B to pick it. You need something to damage-boost you off the hole. You can use the Rabbit himself or the water drops for that. I didn't try this glitch out originally, but goofydylan8 made an awesome work to have as much balls as he liked. Remember the water flushing you off the plate platforms? Let it flush you off and at the first frame of fall press Right. You will dive into the block and would be able to stand on the block below! Just jump from it with a new ball.
Then as you fall back, you need a correct frame to press Right again, to dive into the block without being flushed.
Actually the game really has much hidden objects, but almost none of them is reachable. Lomax found them all and here's his report. See the video below in the thread!


Take 2 bytes of global timer ($2d and $2e), add them to the current value of $6b, this way you get the current RNG value (saved to the latter address again) that is updated each time the boss or any other random enemy reads from it. This means the bosses don't have the full pattern. each move is random and separate.
  • The first boss is manipulated to jump on the lower platform that makes him reach the bottom sooner as he dies, thus the end comes sooner.
  • Bosses 2 and 3 have no randomness that can affect the fight length.
  • The Ghost Witch room was entered 3 frames later to force her to drop 2 balls first. Then I delayed her disappearance each time by damaging her as she reachs the left side and is going to fade out. That makes her to read the different value from RNG and make the move I need. In my previous submission I got all the chain of her moves perfect and applied no delay, but here I lose 87 frames.
  • The Ostrich drives away once in most cases, but I press a game Pause to change the time he reads from RNG and change his moves. Now he never drives away. And I couldn't make him drop the gears closer to himself at the last hit.
  • The Cat needed only one Pause to refuse any walking at all! Now he just throws 4 cards from the second floor, jumps down and throuw the rest 4 instantly.
  • The Crocodile was forced not to ride randomly seeking. but 3 fast moves he does here didn't look avoidable.
  • The last and the most interesting boss, FatCat Robot. He has 10 HP. After he is damaged 5 times, he blows each time he gets down, that causes insane lag if he does any boss move during that. But in the first half of the fight his boss moves are faster than if he lands in the middle or to the left, where he can do nothing at all but clicking his jaws.

    So in the first half I make him to keep to the right and provide faster moves (each one was tested each time), not causing lag, the second half I keep him harmless and less laggy (left and middle sides).

    And the hardest thing with him was that acribatics and dances, dunno if they would please anyone :D BTW, I sacrificed only a few frames of lag on these antics, preventing all lag I could
The movie ends after the countdown where I need to pless Start fo advance.

TASEditor 1.0

The rund definitely would be less fast and beautiful if I didn't have these features of TASEditor:
  • Auto-restoring the last cursor position
  • Branches restoring the whole movie
  • Markers with text notes
  • Lag display (red lines in the roll)
  • Copy/paste
  • Drawing input by dragging

Special thanks to

  • AnS for TASEditor (almost finished and almost perfect)
  • GoofyDylan8 for true frame war and ball glitch handling
  • Spiiin for discovering the ball glitch
  • Lomax for debugging the RNG and other things
  • FiskerN for original submission

Nach: Very nice run, well played. Accepting.

natt: processing
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