Submission #3648: Amaraticando, gbreeze's SNES Kaizo Mario World in 11:52.03

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 42722
ROM Filename Kaizo Mario World (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 58125
Unknown Authors Amaraticando, gbreeze
Game Kaizo Mario World
Submitted by gbreeze on 7/6/2012 1:50:51 PM

Submission Comments
Kaizo Mario World is one of the most well known hacks ever made. Created by T. Takemoto, this Japanese Super Mario World hack is well known for it's difficulty unique from SMW and SDW. The hack itself sparked the creation of an entire new genre of SMW hacks known as Kaizo hacks. The literal translation of Kaizo Mario World is 自作の改造マリオ(スーパーマリオワールド)を友人にプレイさせる, or, "Making my friend play through my own Mario(Super Mario World) hack”, hence "Kaizo". The hack was originally intended to be played completely savestateless, though TAS runs of it are more popular. A common misconception is that TAS is arbitrary because using tools is the only way to complete this hack. This is proven false by PangaeaPanga's savestateless run of Kaizo.
Objectives Emulator: SNES9x 1.43 Aims for fastest time
This TAS plays though this hack as fast as possible, using many tricks and glitches along the way. An IPS for this hack can be found here. Lunar IPS can be found here.
Level by level comments
  • Level 1
Running speed is picked up by the bullet bills, so we can keep running speed through the beginning. By picking up a bomb omb and bringing it to the end of the level, we can get a mushroom, which is useful in the next level. Time is saved by keeping running speed through the enemies and past the turnblock bridge.
  • Level 2
Instead of having to go to the switch palace, we skip it by taking damage at the beginning. We 6/5 through the dolphin parts and grinder parts, saving a lot of time from having to wait for the dolphins. I thought it would be possible to keep up P-meter at the end with the dolphins, so Amaraticando tried it, and it was possible.
  • Level 3
We tried to make this autoscrolling level as entertaining as possible. In the second room, we enter the pipe as fast as possible by ducking into the water and jumping out. Keeping the mushroom in this level is vital to the next level.
  • Level 4
This ghost house was broken a lot, first by glitching through blocks and skipping part of the level. We then use two p-switches to glitch through the floor, thus finishing the level quite quickly.
  • Level 5
Since the creator missed the fact that you can swim under tiles in SMW, we have no choice but to swim under almost all of the level. A shell is gotten in the second room to speed up swimming.
  • Level 6
The trick to the red switch palace is getting to 52 speed via the cloud LR glitch fastest. We are able to glitch through the munchers using this glitch. We also slide past the coin blocks into the pipe, skipping having to get the p-switch.
  • Level 7
This level is considered the hardest level in Kaizo Mario World, when using the intended solution. Of course, when do we ever use the intended solution? We are able to jump across the top of the level early on by walljumping. The second half is played normally, since jumping across the top in that part is impossible.
  • Level 8
Bowser's castle is composed of multiple mini rooms with different themes, much like the original SMW except harder. We start by walljumping to get to the grey platform earlier. I did this originally, but Amaraticando improved mine and got a corner boost in this jump. We were able to quickly slide past the thwomps in the next room by ducking. In the third room, we walljump again to get to the dolphins faster, saving some time. In the fourth room, Amaraticando saves a frame over my try by corner boosting. The fifth room has basic saw jumping.
  • Bowser
As mario sits at the top of the castle, waiting for his villainous archenemy to appear in his flying clown ship, he is surprised when he finds no such thing appear. In this hack, Bowser is invisible for the purpose of deterring victims even more. Since we have tools, we have no problem hitting Bowser, and we are able to use the same new innovative Bowser strategy found in the any% to save even more time.
  • Potential Improvements
Saving a couple lag frames in the first level pointed out by LegendaryJirachi.
  • Special Thanks
TheFinalBoss726, for having the previous fastest completion of this hack, and discovering a few breaks we used.
Thanks for watching!

Mothrayas: Judging. I'll leave this one for someone else to judge.
Nach: Judging.

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