Submission #3657: mtbRc's DS Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin "all bosses" in 25:19.52

Console Nintendo DS Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 90907
ROM Filename Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin (USA).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch all bosses Rerecord Count 53019
Unknown Authors mtbRc
Game Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Submitted by mtbRc on 7/16/2012 4:08:17 PM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: desmume-0.9.7 and Advanced Bus-Level Timing OFF
  • knock down all bosses (With Nest of Evil's bosses)
  • Aim For Fastest Time
  • Abuses Programming Errors
  • Use Warps
  • Use Multiple hits
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes Damage To Save Time
  • Uses Game Reset Sequence

About the Run

  • It aims at Knockdown quickly all the bosses who appear in a game.

tricks and glitches


Loop movement of back dash cancellation is performed in the state where the beginning has nothing.

  • forward -> backdash,forward+crouch,...
7168 -> (13784+11384) / 2 = 12584

This is used in the place which acquired high speed.

  • One-step high speed
  • Two-step high speed

Movement which combined high speed and a a dive kick in the place which acquired a Stone of flight is performed.

  • forward+jump,forward,forward+jump,forward -> kick,blank,jump,blank,jump,blank,...
16834*4 -> (28672+28672+26272+23872+21472+19072) / 6 = 24672

Movement which used this together in the place which acquired the Griffon Wing is performed

  • forward+Griffon,forward+jump,forword -> kick,blank,blank,Griffon,jump,blank,....
16834*3 -> (28672+28672+28672+26272+23872+21472)/6 = 26272

When it is earlier not to use high speed, back dash movement which used the high jump together is performed.

  • backdash+griffon+kick
(13784+13232+12680+12128+11576)/5 = 12680
  • with moonwalkers
(15576+15024+14472+13920+13368)/5 = 14472

Multiple hits glitches

  • If four type of Invincibility time are piled up,Since the information after the fourth kind cannot be written in a memory, it happens.

In for example, the case of Dracula

  • Dracula Invincibility address 1:02101005
  • Dracula Invincibility address 2:02101006
  • Dracula Invincibility address 3:02101007

It will become the following value, if an attack (Encyclopedia) is usually put in Charotte(Partner attack) with high speed and an axe is put in Jonathan by the minimum loss.

  • Dracula Invincibility address 1:02101005;30
  • Dracula Invincibility address 2:02101006;27
  • Dracula Invincibility address 3:02101007;16

If Jonathan's attack is put in this state, only the time with which the memory address is buried will carry out a multiple hits. In this case, In this case, it hits 16 times.However, the axe can put an ax in operating an orbit well twice. In this case, since it can lengthen to 32 during the Invincibility time of an axe, only 27 of high speed can be made to hit.

Train Through glitches

  • The glitches in which a partner will through a train if the train of 13th street is pushed in the state where it does not have push cube. If it changes well, it will escape from a train.


  • From here, it goes into a hidden picture first and clears all. Acquisition of that this secures funds in Qwest of Thief Ring and a high jump, and an Owl Morph is the purpose.
  • Although the last Brauner should be made behind, since Stella & Loretta event is not completed and it does not have sanctualy, either, it cannot escape. It has escaped by the route which Knock Down Brauner for this reason and goes to the highest floor.
  • Next, Thief Ring is sold off, funds are secured and it bought by the Shop point required for a magical ticket appearance. Spiked Mail is bought simultaneously. spiked mail extends the Invincibility time of a high jump and a kick by 3 times.
  • City of Haze is cleared and it returns by magical ticket. holy claymore is bought simultaneously with it and it equips with spiked mail and Moonwalker.
  • It cleared in order of Sandy Crave and Nation of Fools after that.In Sandy Crave, sanctualy is also acquired simultaneously with clear. Although it is originally impossible to perform this simultaneously, it will become possible if owl marph is used.
  • Stella and Death are defeated using the warp point of Sandy Crave.Indispensable events are collected at the same time as it returns using magical ticket.
  • Forest of Doom is cleared and it returns by magical ticket. and buys Vouge simultaneously used by the recovery item and the Richter battle.
  • Using a warp glitches, it moves to Nest of Evil and Cleared. In Nest of Evil, Berserker Mail is also acquired to Richter battle.
  • Behemoth made into behind for recovery is Knock down.
  • Sanctualy, Berserker Mail, and Vouge are equipped in front of Stella & Loretta's entrance.
  • Stella & Loretta is Knock Down by sancturly.
  • Richter is beaten by the set of Vouge and Berserker Mail. Since Vouge has an Darkness attribute, it can attack Richter specially. Furthermore, offensive strength is strengthened with Berserker Mail.
  • Death & Doracula Battle.
  • Movie End after message "Data has been saved."

Author's Encode

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: This is a very nice, very fast paced run. It's clear that a lot of effort has been put into route planning, and the movement and bossfights are masterfully executed. Accepting the run as a new category for this game.

natt: procesing

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