Submission #3698: Dooty's SNES Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 24:26.65

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9X 1.43 v17 svn 146
Game Version USA Frame Count 87999
ROM Filename Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 94215
Unknown Authors Dooty
Game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Submitted by Dooty on 9/10/2012 5:21:43 PM

Submission Comments

Dooty’s Comments

This run improves the published one by 4865 frames, the improvement comes from a lot of small changes in strategy, better boss battles, a powerful new combo and, believe it or not, a reset.
  • Emulator Used: Snes9X 1.43 v17 svn 146
  • Forgoes Time Saving Damage
  • Uses a Game Restart Sequence (?)

Area 1

Almost no changes in the first stage, but as mentioned by mikwuyma, the backflip is faster than run. It is, but only when you don’t have to deal with a lot of enemies, so it’s not used often here.

Boss: Bones

The only notable difference in this boss fight is the use of a Bomb, the rest of the strategy is borrowed from the published run.

Area 2

As suggested by boct1584, a wall jump near the moving platforms saved some frames on this stage. The new combo is not as effective against those boilers (?) as it is on doors, but also saved some time here.

Boss: Gnarly Gnome

Go Kimberly, kick him in the knee! Too bad the boss took revenge on Kimberly’s leg after that...

Area 3

Another stage with few differences on strategy, but jumping on the last possible frame before the boss introduction avoided a screen scroll and it saved quite some time. It also changed him a little bit.

Boss: Eye Guy

The new combo was found here and is where it saved the most frames on the run. To perform it, you need to jump and do either a flying kick or a stab, the former do more damage but the latter can be executed in place, and since those bosses are manipulated by your position, it is preferred.

Area 4

Even not morphed, Kimberly also benefits from the new combo to break doors. It’s not as effective, but still saves time. Well, finally a stage where the backflip can be used more often, also, boct1584’s wall jumps gave the idea to use it at the end of the elevator section too.

Boss: Genie

Same strategy, but by positioning Kimberly in a different spot for each attack, it was possible to hit the boss on the first frame of his vulnerability every time.

Area 5

This will probably be mikwuyma’s favorite stage; it’s possible to backflip almost its entirety. Anyways, it’s the last one of those normal stages, just a boss and two Megazord battles and the run will be over.

Boss: Dark Warrior

This boss battle is now a lot faster, but it comes with a cost; this, in my opinion, is the most boring fight of the new run.

Area 6

Boss: Mutitis

I can’t remember where I saw this jump and attack strategy, but it worked pretty well on this boss fight.

Area 7

Boss: Cyclopsis

Oh, now I remember; it’s on X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse... anyways, it made this boss battle a little quicker too.

Special Thanks

Randil, his memory addresses, and obviously his strategies that you can see all over the new run, helped me immensely. boct1584, as said before, his wall jumps saved quite some time on the new run, but he also suggested the "no damage taken" to make the run more consistent. mikwuyma, of course for his backflip suggestion. Thank you all guys.

Nach: Very nice improvement, accepting.

natt: Processing...

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