Submission #3704: lapogne36's PSX Pandemonium! in 34:03.33

Sony PlayStation
PSXjin 2.0.2
Pandemonium! [U] [SLUS-00232].bin
Submitted by lapogne36 on 9/20/2012 5:26:38 PM
Submission Comments
Nikki and Fargus unwittingly casts a spell that destroys the town, so they must reach the Wishing Engine, where they can wish the town back to normal.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: PSXjin 2.0.2
  • Bios: SCPH1001.BIN
  • Aims to reach beat the credits
  • Take damage to save time
  • Abuse programming errors


First, I highly recommend that you watch the speed value (0x00093124, 4 bytes) if you are using psxjin to watch this TAS. It will help you to understand most of my movements.

About game mechanics

Max speed is 6008 on normal ground, 15360 on a slope and 4096 in the air, though it will not decrease your speed in the air if you have more than 4096.
If you turn yourself while you are moving, your speed will be negative (15360 -> -15360) and it will decrease by around 1000 each 2 frames, until it reach 0 or you turn yourself again.
If your speed is higher than 6008 and you land on the ground (either a normal ground or a slope), the game will instantly set your speed at 6008.
Fargus's spining attack can be use once every 50 frames, and it gives him a speed of 7500 for 20 frames. This gives him at max an average speed of 6600, so 10% better than Nikki.
When you jump on a monster, it will set your speed at around 10300 if it was higher, and after this check your speed will get a very little increase or decrease which is settle for each monster. So if you see me obliviously miss a monster, that is because it would give me a speed less than 6008.

Tricks and glitches

Speed preservation

As I say, each time you land on the ground, you should lose any extra speed you got previously. However, the game only check if your speed is greater than 6008, and not if it is lower than -6008. So as long as your speed is negative, you will only lose around 1000 of speed each 2 frames. This means that with TAS precision, you can turn yourself right before you land, jump immediately and turn yourself again so that you only have a negative speed during the 2 frames when you are on the ground and you only lose 1000 of speed. This is the main reason why I never used Fargus in this TAS (as Nikki can stay in the air more longer with her double jump).

Double jump cancel

A bad glitch or us. For the reasons, in most (all ?) of the cases, if you enter a level or a new section of the a level (they are easy to recognize), Nikki lose her double jump ability until she falls or makes a jump. That is why you will often see me jump at the very end or beginning of a section, in order to unlock the double jump for a following jump.

Monster speed boost

Very strange glitch that seems to be hard to produce. From what I understand, when you fall on a monster at his very left or right and from a high enough height (and with a speed of 6008 or less), it will give you an extra boost of some thousands at your speed (I got a speed from 8000 to 10000 in the few places where I used it). The second monster I kill in the TAS is one of these uses.

Damage boosting

Some damages hit you harder than others. If you take a damage that throw you hard enough (basically big monsters or spikes) to let you turn yourself in the right direction and still have more than 6008 of speed, then it will save time. I sometimes exceed 20000 of speed with this trick (like in level 2).

Stage by stage comments

Level 1 : First use of the Monster speed boost on the second one (over 8000 of velocity). I hit a plant with a fire ball to not be damage in return.
Level 2 : The spikes here give me over 20000 of velocity. After the elevator, there is a short area that is a slope.
Level 5 : Snail's slobber has the same property than a slope. The frog's velocity is the same than Nikki. To get the heart container, you must complete the track without breaking any stone. Even if it may cost some frames to do it, it is by far the fastest heart container to get.
Level 6 : I got enough velocity to skip a little part of the beginning of the second section.
Level 8 : The rhinoceros's velocity is the same than Nikki...
Level 10 : ... but the turtle's max velocity is only 4096 on normal ground, so must preserve your extra speed when you transform into a turtle as long as possible.
Level 11 : Some monsters here must be kill to unlock keys, and you need 3 hits to do it. However you can beat them in one hit with the ice power.
Boss 2 : Goon Honcho has 5 life points. He is only vulnerable in his "what are you doing up there" animation, which require that you are high enough. In the normal way, when you hit the boss, you are throw far enough to don't be able to hit him again in a row. However, his animation last long enough so that if he starts it right before you hit the ground, you have enough time to double jump to his head, and for some reasons it leads to multiple hits in a row (I never got more than 3 hits though). So by manipulating his animation, you can beat him in 2 attacks instead of 5.
Level 13 : The dragon's max aerial velocity is 8192 while it is only 6008 on the ground.
Boss 3 : I can't understand all the sentences he said...
Credits : After wishing for one million wishes, a chicken, the town back to normal, and everyone in the town being just like Fargus; it's time to play the longest level of the game : the credits. In fact, it's basically try to conserve the 15000 velocity you get between each sections, since the "normal" velocity of the sections is 10000 (or sometimes lower).

Possible improvements

  • Have less trust in the speed value (0x00093124) since it is not always accurate. If you are on a moving platform and you are not moving, your speed will be 0 instead of the one of the platform. If you are climb down a 45° slope, your speed will be 15360 instead of 7680.
  • Better hearts management.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Good run, well done. Accepting for publication.

natt: Processing...
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