Submission #37: JakeRyansDad's NES Little Mermaid in 08:31.70

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Famtasia
Game Version Frame Count 30702
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 113
Unknown Authors JakeRyansDad
Game The Little Mermaid, Disney's
Submitted by TASVideoAgent on 6/8/2004 7:56:09 PM

Submission Comments
I've been a LONG time watcher of the speed runs you post. After watching many, I decided to try for myself. I tried Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (unfortunetly, that didn't work due to a bug in either the ROM itself or Famtasia).
Anyways, I ended up getting The Little Mermaid rom and made a speed run of it.
Nothing too special (No glitches that I know of). I don't get hit throughout the entire movie (not that it's extremely hard to do anyways.) and I pull off some good looking techniques. It's my very first one. So please don't be too harsh on me. I'd be very interested in some Constructive Criticism though!!
Emulator Used: Famtasia
Length: 8:32
My Real Name: Ryan Malafronte
My Nickname: JakeRyansDad
Well, Thank You In Advance for taking some time out to look this over and I hope you appreciate my submission!
Ryan Malafronte

Bisqwit: Message edited for readability, and also changed the game name to group together with other submissions for the same game.
Bisqwit: Rejected, because a competitor has beaten this twice and nobody has explained why this submission should be accepted.

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