Submission #3805: got4n's GBC Rayman 2 in 29:14.02

Console Game Boy Color Emulator VBA-RR v24 svn440
Game Version Europe Frame Count 105241
ROM Filename Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (E) (M5) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 9158
Unknown Authors got4n
Game Rayman 2
Submitted by got4n on 12/26/2012 11:34:36 AM

Submission Comments
Rom Region : EUROPE Allow L+R U+D = ON I aim to the Max Lums possible and faster route
  • Movie end at the first frame of loading after beating Razorbeard
  • This game hard to tas because Rayman is slow and there not so many glitches (1 glitch useful)
  • You must save the world from Razor Beard,
  • This game more easier to tas than the other versions because you must not catch all the cages or lumz to finish the game
  • I will not explain how I improved because my first movie was a so bullsh*t so it will took Soooo time.
  • I founded a glitch which make a lot of optimize: Double Jumping, how ?
  • When you're falling for like 30 frames Rayman can jump and if you jump + autofiring A you will make a second jump.
  • I saved a lot of time
  • Take Damage to Save Time
Sometimes i take damage by enemies to manipulate the level after, then by the way i don't lose time by killing enemies :)

Nach: This movie looks far from optimal. See some points mentioned in the thread. Rejecting.

Last Edited by got4n on 1/14/2018 9:17 PM
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