Submission #3809: Gemini-Man's GBA Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land(作废) "100%" in 46:56.79

Game Boy Advance
(Submitted: Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land(作废))
VBA-rr v19.3
! Movie begins from a reset; should begin from power-on.
0775 - Kirby - Nightmare in Dream Land.gba
Submitted by Gemini-Man on 12/31/2012 5:06:04 AM
Submission Comments
This is a TAS to the GBA remake of NES Kirby's Adventure. See this guide for differences between the two versions.

About the game

“The peaceful word of Dream Land is in great danger. In Dream Land, dreams always flowed from the wonderful Fountain of Dreams. The Fountain of Dreams collected the hopes and dreams of all living things. It was also responsible for the sweet dreams and rest that come from deep sleep. But one day, everyone in Dream Land lost the ability to dream! King DeDeDe was bathing in the Fountain of Dreams! He had even taken the Star Rod - the source of the fountain's power - and broken it into pieces that he gave to his underlings. Now, Kirby must embark on an adventure... to restore peaceful nap times to all the residents of Dream Land...” The character can jump, inhale enemies, fly in midair, puff out air (which can be used as an attack), the character can slide, eat enemies, and if the enemy had a special power, Kirby now makes use of it. If Kirby inhales 2 special enemies, a roulette of all the abilities available in the game appears.

About the run

Nearly as same as MUGG.But there are some where want to use the other skills. So some where can't save time. And I can't always use wheels skill.

Wheel Skill

It's the fastest skill in this game. But if you want to the fastest to top(such Level 3-1 to 3-6),the best way is H-jump. And if you want to kill Boss,the best way is Ball Skill.
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