Submission #3817: Masterjun's GBA ChuChu Rocket! "Challenge mode" in 07:01.06

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA-RR v24 svn422
Game Version USA v1.0 Frame Count 25149
ROM Filename 0036 - Chu Chu Rocket (U)(The Corporation).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Challenge mode Rerecord Count 14856
Unknown Authors Masterjun
Game Chu Chu Rocket
Submitted by Masterjun on 1/3/2013 9:15:06 PM

Submission Comments
ChuChu Rocket! is a simple 2D game where you have to place arrows on the floor to lead mice and cats to complete the goal.
This movie completes the Challenge mode or Stage Challenge as fast as possible. There are 25 stages which have to be completed under a time limit of 30 seconds.
They can have one of five different goals which are explained later:
  • Get mice
  • Run away
  • Lunch time
  • 100 mice
  • Cat soccer

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA-RR v24 svn422
  • Completes Stage Challenge
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Luck manipulation (in the last stage)


If a cat or a mouse runs into a wall it goes right. If then right is a wall they go left. If then left is a wall they go backwards.
In the Challenge mode you can place a maximum of three arrows and as soon as you want to place a third one, the one you placed first disappears.
Cats eat mice once they are touching.
A player can't overwrite an arrow of the other player


Get mice

Get the mice into the rocket without losing a single one.

Run away

Basically the same as Get mice except that there are cats which you have to avoid.

Lunch time

Let the cat eat all the mice. And with all I mean all, because if a single mouse falls into a pit you failed the stage.

100 mice

You have to lead 100 mice into the rocket to finish the stage

Cat soccer

You play against a (red) computer which can also place arrows. The goal is to lead 20 cats into the rocket of the opponent.

Stage by stage comments

A1 (05.65)

Nothing special

B1 (03.70)

The cats weren't even in the way

C1 (03.68)

Leading the mice into the cats as fast as possible

D1 (09.08)

The limitation of three arrows is a bad thing here

E1 (11.41)

The AI is confused if I place my arrow where he wants to... :)

A2 (11.71)


B2 (09.11)

I'm basically trying to exchange the positions of cats and mice

C2 (03.85)

Nothing special, just fast eating

D2 (11.00)

I was surprised because letting the cat go through the mice parade a bit was actually faster (also some strange graphic glitch at the end :>)

E2 (16.80)

Cats move soo slowly...

A3 (05.00)

Suddenly everyone is going towards the rocket :D

B3 (07.81)

The cats were a bit of a problem here

C3 (08.20)

Hmm, yeah, nothing special

D3 (18.93)

Oh, this stage... I tested many possible strategies, but I ended up filling the first row with 100 mice (which is the maximum there can be on the screen), because it is the fastest way

E3 (30.00)

The rockets are really unfairly placed (where in E4, it is unfair for the computer). As you can see, the last two cats are almost there when the time ends ._.

A4 (08.68)

This was an easy level :>

B4 (09.33)

Nothing special

C4 (07.20)

Turned out to be really fast

D4 (13.98)

Same strategy as in D3, filling up a loop and then leading them to the rocket

E4 (21.23)

Unfair placement of the rockets for the computer :>, easy win for me

A5 (16.70)

I had to test several lengths of the mice team to get the fastest, there are also some problems with the THREE ARROWS

B5 (06.30)

Fast and easy stage

C5 (11.31)

Leading mice and cat together as fast as possible

D5 (24.43)

Completing this stage in realtime is hard as hell because you have to hope that there is no cat spawning in your mice collection

End (08.08)

The Final Stage is a special stage, because the goal here is to have 100 more points than your opponent. There are 50-mice which give you 50 points. There are also ?-mice which can do different things, for example Mouse Mania, which spawns many mice, or Cat Mania, which spawns cats. It is random what is chosen, but it is time based so that is what was the best I could do.

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