Submission #3819: Amaraticando, dnnzao's SNES Super Demo World - The Legend Continues in 17:55.96

Console Super NES Emulator SNES9x 1.43-rerecording-v17-win32-lua51dll
Game Version USA v1.1 Frame Count 64664
ROM Filename Super Demo World - The Legend Continues.smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 70925
Unknown Authors Amaraticando, dnnzao
Game Super Demo World: The Legend Continues
Submitted by Amaraticando on 1/6/2013 5:09:42 PM

Submission Comments
This is an improvement of 161 frames (2.68 seconds) over the previous submission.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: SNES9x 1.43 v17
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Uses warps and backtracks to save time
  • Abuses programming errors


This run features an improvement of the previous one by optimizing several levels. It doesn't have any new glitch, so a level-by-level comparison will be enough. A better lag management and score plan is present in the run.

Stage by stage comments

Misty Isle 1 (0)

Getting 3 corner boosts puts us 1 frame ahead, which is lost in the ending scene.

Misty Isle 2 (3)

Instead of using 6/5 while grabbing the shell, we use the hopping glitch. After releasing the shell, we lose speed, but it's regained in the downhill. This saves 3 frames afterall.

Misty Isle 3 (17)

As proposed by Dawn, we save 11 frames by getting the Goomba instead of the shell, in order to hit the Fireflower block. 3 frames of fadeout lag are saved.

Misty Isle 3 -> Misty Isle 4 (16)

1 frame is lost for some unknown reason.

Misty Isle 4 (20)

Delaying level entrance by 1 frame is better for Mario-sprite interaction. This allows us to get the shell earlier and additional corner boosts saves overall 1 frame. With the cape, we make more corner clips to save another frame. 1 frame of fadeout lag is also saved.

Misty Isle 4 -> Misty Castle (21)

1 frame is gained for some unknown reason.

Misty Castle (22)

1 frame is lost in the level entrance for some unknown reason. During the flight, 1 frame is saved due to a better rise cancel. In the next room, we avoid 1 frame of lag and in the boss we save another frame.

Salty Isle (24)

2 frames are saved due to additional corner clips.

Desert World 1 (27)

1 frame is saved due to additional corner clips and 2 because of a better fadeout lag.

Desert World 2b (32)

In the first room, we save 2 frames by simply getting the key and falling faster. In the other, a better corner clip and approach to the key saves 3 frames.

Desert Pyramid (44)

A ceiling boost plus a corner clip saves 1 frame. Optimizing the P-switch grab saves 5 frames and a better corner clip sequence in this room saves 2 frames. In the next one, several minor optimizations shaved off 3 frames, but we had to slow down 1 frame at the end to manipulate Reznor's oscillation. In the battle, we save 2 frames by hitting Reznor faster.

#2 Desert Castle (55)

We activate the P-switch later, as proposed by Dawn, saving 7 frames, and optimized the pipe entrance, which saves 2 more frames.

Desert Secret (57)

While entering the level, 1 frame was gained for some unknown reason. Another frame was shaved off because of small optimizations.

Desert Secret -> Desert Star World (54)

3 frames are lost because of the frame rule on the Star Road.

Desert Star World (73)

The stun glitch was executed in the left side, saving us 29 frames.

Water Star World (73)

No change.

Crystal Star World (76)

We can surprisingly duplicate the block 5 frames faster, but due to some frame rule related to Yoshi Wings, we have to wait 3 frames to activate it. In the next room, 1 frame was saved by simply falling faster.

Sky Star World (88)

Following Mister's improvement, we don't use 6/5 until the Lakitu cloud, but hop with 51 speed and regain P-meter later. Going upwards is good to avoid lag. This new route shaved off 11 frames and 1 frame of fadeout lag was saved at the end.

Ice Star World (91)

A better score reduced 3 frames of fadeout lag.

Pipe Star World (111)

Several small optimizations in the pipe entrances and while passing through the ceiling with the keys saved 11 frames. A better score during the laggy part saved 5 more. The jump at the end of the level was 2 frames faster and we saved 2 frames of fadeout lag.

Bowser's Star World (118)

A better corner clip and turn at the beginning saved shaved off 7 frames!

Backdoor Star World (144)

Again, for some unknown reason, 1 frame was lost upon entering the level, but it was recovered because we entered the pipe faster. As we didn't wait for the Spike Pillars to go up and had a better score, 23 frames were saved! We also saved 2 frames of fadeout lag.

Backdoor Star World -> Bowser's Back Door (156)

We lost 3 frames because of the Star Road rotating time, again... We are barely affected by the Bowser's Statue Fireball frame rule, so we gained 16 frames over PangaeaPanga's TAS.

Bowser's Back Door (161)

The 5 frames of improvement come from Bowser's fight, because we hit the first Mechakoopa sooner and could end the input a bit earlier.


We would like to thank the following people:
  • PangaeaPanga: for his previous TAS, work in progress and some help
  • Dawn: for his 120 exits WIP that showed us a lot of ideas.
  • Mister: for his improvement on Sky Star Road.
  • Everyone who watches and rates the movie!

Nach: Accepting as improvement to existing run.

Last Edited by Amaraticando on 1/11/2013 5:23:13 AM
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