Submission #3820: Soig's Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 24:39.02

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin [desync fixes] 3.0-382
Game Version USA Frame Count 88741
ROM Filename 1752 - New Super Mario Bros. wii NTSC-U.iso Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 2567
Unknown Authors Soig
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Submitted by Soig on 1/7/2013 5:59:41 PM

Submission Comments
Hello! Everybody.
This is my first TAS on wii console. And nsmbwii is one of my favorite smb games. Hope you'll like this movie.

Game Info:

This is New Super Mario Bros wii warped submission! NSMBwii is SMB game on wii. It's similiar as Super Mario Bros 3. But more interesting. New enemies, new items and Mario's new skills. There are a lot of stages in this game. And some secret stages. Sometimes these secret stages can be faster than normal stages. Such as 8-7. Also, the game is a little hard. And much harder than NSMB2 on 3ds. Stages are not short, too.


This run only aims fastest time.

Emulator Infomation:

This run is made on Dolphin 3.0-382 (win64), desync fixed by RachelB. You can get it here. Or 32-bit version. Or get a ready to use version. You can choose to download win32 or win 64.
Enable dual core & Enable idle skipping is off. DSP emulator engine chooses DSP LLE recompiler. And be sure that /User/Wii/title/ is empty before watching.

Movie Info:

This is a warped run. I used cannons in movie. Skip from world 1 to world 5, and from world 5 to world 8. Some ideas I learned from nsmbwii record on SDA.
1-1: Grow up by flag. Get Propeller Suit by ? box. Run on spinning wheel to get faster speed. Slide on slope to get faster speed. Using ceiling boosting to get 1 more pixel everytime.
1-2: Use star to be faster.
1-3: Go the secret route. To skip to world 5.
5-1: Use star again.
5-Piranha: Different from SDA record, I get toad's icons on the left first. Because the box will appear on the right finally.
5-3: I didn't choose 5-2. Because 5-3 is faster. I wait for a moment at first. In order to tread first enemy succesfully. If I fly to go across it, time will be slower.
5-tower: Mine is much faster than SDA's record in this stage. Due to accurater maniplation.
5-4: Using bamboo dragonfly to go across the whole stage.
5-boo house: Go a secret route once again. Skip to world 8.
8-1: Slide to get faster speed.
8-2: Run on spinning wheel to get faster speed. Fly to keep speed on part 3. Go a secret route to get to 8-airship faster.
8-7: Use fastest speed. Keep speed while flying.
8-airship: Flying instead of wringing screws.
8-castle: Flying to end input earlier.

Imprvement possible:

Use fastest speed every time by watching speed in memory watch. When dolphin support memory watch.
New glitch.
Luck manipulation.


Speed Demos Archive. I get many ideas from SDA's nsmbwii record.

Nach: I found that some of this run has noticeable improvements. The amount of people pointing out issues on the forum were more than negligible.
While this was a good first run, I think a first TAS of this should be significantly better. Soig, I've seen a bunch of your other TASs, and I know you're capable of a much better job. I hope to see you submit a better run. Till then, rejecting.

Last Edited by Nach on 1/21/2013 8:44 PM
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