Submission #3837: mtvf1's GBA Mega Man Battle Network 2 in 1:38:35.28

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA-rr-v23.5-svn421
Game Version USA Frame Count 353305
ROM Filename 0468 - Megaman Battle Network 2 (U).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 56188
Unknown Authors mtvf1
Game Mega Man Battle Network 2
Submitted by mtvf1 on 1/23/2013 10:34:19 PM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VisualBoyAdvance rerecording v23.5 svn421
  • Manipulate luck
  • Takes damage to save time
  • abusing game errors
Total saved 7554 frames than my old run. Because I success to carry out a new plan and fix some error. In this run, I didn’t take any useless chips for chip-trade. Help me save a lot of frames.
Thanks for Noxxa's encode.

The useful RAM

addressbyte notes
02004C602megeman or lan’s ↗axis
02004C62 2megaman or lan’s ↘axis
020011502step number
02003A6C2CUSTOM type
02003A682GUTS type
02003A702TEAM type
02003A742SHIELD type
1chip slot number in the battle, from 0 to 29
02007EA82chosed chip’s ID
02007EAA2chosed chip’s code

About megaman or lan’s move

Run’s speed is as twice as walk.
For example, if megaman walk to east, then screenX speed is 1,Yspd is 0, ↗spd is 0.5, ↘spd is 0.5, step spd is 1. If megaman run to east, then Xspd is 2,Yspd is 0, ↗spd is 1, ↘spd is 1, step spd is 2.
When megaman run to north, Xspd is 0, Yspd is -2, ↗spd is 2, ↘spd is -2.
When megaman run to northeast, Xspd is 2, Yspd is -1, ↗spd is 2,↘spd is 0.
When megaman run to southeast, Xspd is 2, Yspd is 1, ↗spd is 0,↘spd is 2.
When running, press up B or press up pad 1frames will lost 2frames, turning will lose 1frames. So in this game, when going from west to east, go straight is not the best way to through. In most case, going from west to east cost the same frames (no more than 1 frame) as going to northeast and turning to southeast.
What’s this 1 frame different? It’s turning counts. So in this tas, I always chose the lest turning way. e.g.
If megaman face to NorthEast and want to go from A to E, the best choice is A to C first, and turn to E. If go A B D E, megaman should turn twice, and 1 frame slower than go A B C D E.

How to avoid random battle?

You have these choices.
  • 1st choice, press A before meet battle 1 frame.
This is the best way to skip random battle, can’t cost any frame. But it’s not always work.
  • 2nd, turning and then press A before meet battle 1 frame.
Only cost 1 frames, but make sure no need to turn back again. Why not only turning? Because if the battle which turning can skip, pressing A must skip, too.
  • 3rd, press up pad 1 frames and then turning.
Cost 2 frames. Like the 4th avoiding battle, but save 1 frame when you must turn.
  • 4th, press up pad 1 frame.
Cost 2 frames.
  • 5th, press up pad 1 or 2 frames and press A before meet battle 1 frame.
No matter what happened, don’t forget press A! What’s about press up B? In my test, I didn’t find any chance which pressing up B can skip balte and press up pad can’t skip (press A, press A, don’t forget), but pressing up B cost the same 2 frames as press up pad. And when pressing up pad, the step counts is 2 short than pressing up B, maybe have chance to skip the last random battle. So in most case, no need to press up B.
  • 6th, press up pad 1 frames twice or more, don’t forget try to press A later.
Wait more than 2 frames between these two pressing up pad. If meet the very bad luck, have to do it. Why divide it into twice or more? Because I can get the less step counts than press up pad few frames, maybe skip the last random battle.

Chips explain

M-BurstPA: power 100*10. This is the first and second hit, every 9frames 1hit, 10 hits in all.
SilverFist: While holding A, input these key sequences to activate special function of corresponding fist.
f,u,b,d,f Effect: 1 rocket punch on each row.
Varsword: While holding A, input these key sequences to activate the corresponding function.
(b=back, f=forward, u=up, d=down, B=B button)
LongSword: d,df,f
WideSword: u,f,d
FighterSword: b,d,f
DreamSword: d,b,u,f,d
TriSlashWave: b,B,f,B
Prism: copy damage and hit around. Can’t make boss be invisible.


  • 1. In the mother1 computer, there is a focus battle. But pass start and view the chip can avoid this battle. Suggest: check option-> video->disable SFX, when watch the run in the mother1 computer. Don’t forget uncheck it later.
  • 2. Walk through NPC.
When I tas exe3, I found it, and found this can be used for all megaman battle network games. I can go through obstructive NPC and Mystery Data. But can’t through the story wall.
This glitch only happened on going through SW ↔ NE or NW ↔ SE. When being close to NPC, press the negative direction key.
  • 3. Prism+Varsword
Prism+Varsword is fast than any PA. Pass ←B→B, varsword can hit prism 5frames(times) first, only if wave don’t hit bossbody, boss wouldn’t be invisible. It can hit 3×5×160=2400 in all.
Prism+Treebomb Glitch is only in Japanese versions.


There are 2 chip-trades which I used in this tas. Marine Harbor Upicial Center Chip Trader (put in 3 chips, and get 1 chip. 3-c-t), and Netopia Chip Trader (10-c-t).
There are 4 factors control chip-trade’s results.
  • 1. RNG
RNG is the most mainly reason.
  • 2. The story’s progress.
With the story’s progress, player can get the more type chips from chip trader.
For example, after dumped more than 30000 data in all, I found that:
Before beat Thunderman, I can’t get any Prism from 10-c-t.
After beat Thunderman, I only get 2 types of Prism, PrismC and PrismN or PrismQ? Sorry, I forgot.
After Lan’s Passport back, I can get more types of Prism, but there no PrismB in 10-c-t.
After beat Snakeman, I finally can get PrismB from 10-c-t. But this chip is very very few, about every 3000 frames appear once.
  • 3. data library
The larger library the more type chips in chip-trader.
For example, because I have got Varsword, RollR and recov120 these high level chips, so I have more chance to get these same chips from 10-c-t.
Before get Poimask, there are only PoimaskW and PoimaskZ in the 3-c-t, so I have to got PoimaskZ first. After got PoimaskZ, it’s possible to get PoimaskS.
(I’m amazing that I can get PoimaskZ from 3-c-t, because in my first run, I didn’t found it. At this time, I dumped 10000 data , and finally make sure there are only PoimaskZ and PoimaskW in this 3-c-t, no PoimaskS)
After complete the game, there’re have the very large chance to get the chips which haven’t got their ID in 10-c-t.
  • 4. The chips which you put in
What? Really? Yes! Though the BBS said ‘Chip traders don't give better chips depending on what you put in! The chips you get are all luck.’ It’s like a word play. ‘Don’t give better’ is not equal to ‘effect the result’.
For example, after got PoimaskZ, I put it into back to the 3-c-t straight away. Because it can be got more chance to get PoimaskS quickly.
When I used 10-c-t to get PrismB, I can’t put Roll2R into 10-c-t. If I do it, I will fail to get PrismB, which I got is Roll2R, too. So I have to edit chips and put Roll2R into the chip folder. It seemed Capcom is very considerate. Roll2 chip is very rare in this game. If we put it into chip-trader negligently, don’t worry, we have the large chance to get it back from this or other 10-c-t. May Someone test atk30+ or ZeusHamr?

Select Default chip

When edit the chips, press Select to choose a default chip which MB is lower than the folder’s MB. This chip would appear in the first of battle chips. The chip atk+10’s MB is 4, equal to the lowest the folder MB. So this chip is the best choice as default chip.
After use the default chip, the original slot sequence has been broken. So I have a one more chance to manipulate luck. But it’s only ‘one more chance’, because choosing slot0 as the default is equal to choose other slots as the default, the only different is slot0 and other slots be exchanged.
For example, when choose slot0 as the default, the slot sequence in battle is:
0 1 10 15 4 3 24 16 12 25 6 20 26 2 21 22 7 27 8 19 11 13 14 29 17 5 9 18 28 23
Re-choose slot3 as the default, and use the same RNG, the slot sequence result has been changed to
3 1 10 15 4 0 24 16 12 25 6 20 26 2 21 22 7 27 8 19 11 13 14 29 17 5 9 18 28 23
And this is no select-default-chip
18 14 24 26 6 25 21 15 0 20 29 9 12 13 19 11 27 16 1 10 28 4 5 8 3 23 22 7 2 17
I only use once select-default-chip in this tas.


(time is video’s time, include in 2 seconds logo)
20000:00:35HomeworkAt the 3rd battle, I shot Mettaurs 46 times for manipulate luck to get 1500Z from first GMD(green mystery data) in the first time.
111000:03:12ShoppingBuy spreaderQ(1000Z) from Den Area 1 Netdealer, left 500Z.
The first spreader chip, though cost nearly 600 frames, in my this plan, this chip is very important for Quickman.
127000:03:34 Get 1500Z again, left 2000Z. I didn’t get any BugFrag, because I need use it for manipulate luck.
151000:04:18 Get crossgunJ x2(600Zx2), wideswordL(800Z), left 0Z.
I don’t have enough money to buy the 2nd wideswordL. Only 2 wideswordL is very hard to manipulate luck in the future, but buying crossgunJ x2 is too much more important. If not get crsgun x2, I can’t complete virus battle in one turn.
222330:06:12Airman1st edit chips for next 2 battles.
BOSS Airman 300HP(slot: 22swdS 16swdS 7swdS 3swdS 11)
swordS 80x4=320, get 1000Z, left 1000Z.
I have no money to buy 2 wideswordL, so I have to use swordS x4.
241000:06:46Jack in PhoneGet 1000Z from BMD first, left 2000Z.
Try to find the virus Fishy, and get important chip DashAtkJ. I use tas-movie-editor to make this battle happen near the exit.
Fishy Fishy Fishy(11VgunL 27VgunL 4wswdL 5VgunL 14wswdL)Get chip DashAtkJ
I meet the bad luck, have to delete them one by one, and can’t take damage to reduce the level to 7. If I take damage, I can’t got chip DashAtkJ, only get HP recover.
Why must get DashAtkJ? This chip is not used for battle, is used for trade to spreader*. As long as get this chip, I don’t need to Jack in Blackboard to get swordL.
307500:08:37License tests B2nd edit chips. LicenseB tests Problem1: first 5battle
Battle 1 - Mettaur, Mettaur(68: 12canB 22 19canB 27 5)
Battle 2 - Canodumb, Canodumb(146: 0canA 7canA 25atk 21 2atk)
Battle 3 - Mettaur, Mettaur, Mettaur(220: 26 2atk 14 3spdQ 1)
Battle 4 - Canodumb, Canodumb, Canodumb(298+1: 9 25atk 2atk 20 3spdQ)
Battle 5 - Bunny, Bunny, Bunny(376+2: 5 25atk 9 3spdQ 4)
Shooting one time in battle can make RNG point+1.
368400:10:19 Problem2: Beetank, Beetank, Beetank(25atk 21VgunL 15wswdL 2atk 24VgunL)Get chip lilbombO
If I want to skip edit-chip, I must wait for slot2: atk+10 and slot25: atk+10 appear together again. I tested that get BugFrag or not, whether got 1500Z from GMD first or not. And sure beat virus first, only need to wait about 30 frames.
After battle, get 1500Z, left 3500Z.
395000:11:04 Shopping. Buy atk+10 x3(600x3), spreaderO x2(800x2), left 100Z
406000:11:22 3rd edit chips. License tests B Problem3: second 5battles
Battle 1 - Mettaur2, Flappy, Canodumb(3: 7wswrdL 2atk 27atk 1 22VgunL)
Battle 2 - Mettaur2, Mettaur2, Mettaur2(81: 27atk 1spdO 29LbmbO 0atk 19spdO)
Battle 3 - Bunny, Canodumb2, Beetank(159+7: 1spdO 14atk 27atk 19spdO 5atk)
Battle 4 - Canodumb2, Canodumb2, Canodumb2(238+7: 0atk 2atk 10crossJ 5atk 23crossJ)
Battle 5 - HardHead, HardHead, Beetank(316+8: 29 15shotJ 27 25shotJ 10crossJ)
The hardest 5 battles! I have try my best to use the most atk+10, but I can’t avoid the last battle appear the repeat chips, so I lost some frames in the 5th battle.
465000:13:01TradeUse DashAtkJ trade for spreader*. H-Burst PA complete!
499000:13:58Bear4th edit chips. Spikey, Spikey, Spikey(13 1wswdL 16atk 3wswdL 27atk)Get chip HeatshotB.
652000:18:14QuickmanBOSS Quickman 400HP(0 18 15spd* 13psdQ 19spdO)H-BurstPA 100x5.
Very luck! I didn’t manipulate luck, Quickman always go to the perfect place that H-Burst’s every hit can damage him.
702000:19:383 Chip TraderGet DashAtkG poismaskZ poismaskS.
A perfect luck. I want to get BrnzFistB, but only BrnzFistN and BrnzFistS in this 3-c-t, and BrnzFist is fewer than poismask. I give up.
725000:20:17mission1Spikey2, Spikey2, Spikey2(1wswdL 5atk 10 22VgunL 9)Get chip Heat-V S.
Flamey2, Flamey3(3wswdL 1wswdL 16 24 27)Get money 500Z.
Handy, Handy, Handy(8 16 9 3wswdL 4)Get chip TimeBom1.
I have only 2 wideswordL, so I have to change the sequence to manipulate luck.
838000:23:26mission3Get BugFrag from BMD. I must complete mission3 before do mission2, because This is my last chance to get BugFrag, I need use this BugFrag to trade spreaderM when being in mission2.
913000:25:32mission2Get spreaderN from GMD.
934000:26:07 Use BugFrag trade spreaderM. M-BurstPA complete!
942000:26:20 5th deit chip, use the select-default-chip.
Spooky2, Spooky2, Spooky2(0 1dashG 23 5 19)Get chip Invis2*.
Manipulate luck to use DashAtkG delete virus in one hit. But DashAtkG has been locked in this 5 slot. I fail to use DashAtkG twice in next 5 battles. So I use select-default-chip to select slot0 as the default chip, and found another way to use DashAtkG twice in next 5 battles.
995000:27:49 mission2 complete, and get chip Recov30*.
1007000:28:10 License tests ALicenseA tests Problem1: first 5battles
Battle 1 - Swordy, HardHead(1: 0atk 8heatB 29 11mbomB 15mbomB)
Battle 2 - Spooky, Spooky2, Spooky2(75+2: 0atk 29 25shotJ 28atk 12crossJ)
Battle 3 - Handy, Handy, Handy(155+2 :0atk 1 9spdN 2atk 13spd*)
Battle 4 - Fishy, Fishy, Beetank(238+2: 0atk 26 6 3 1DashG)
Battle 5 - Flappy, Flappy, Flappy(321+3: 0atk 4 26 6 1DashG)
1051000:29:23 Problem2: Swordy, Swordy2, Swordy(0atk 1 7wswdL 4VgunL 3wswdL)Get chip FswdN.
1084000:30:18 Problem2: Mettaur2, Mettaur2, MettFire(0atk 26swdS 19swdS 10swdS 6atk)
Taking damage to reduce the level, and get the important chip Guard* from mettaur2 for giving to Jim in the future.
1099000:30:44 6th editchips, and unlock the select-default-chip.
LicenseA tests Problem3: 2nd 5battles
Battle 1 - Sparky(2: 23 7 26 12DashG 2atk)
Battle 2 - Spikey2, Spikey, WindBox(74: 19 1wswdL 15VgunL 3VgunL 18atk)
Battle 3 - Shrimpy, Shrimpy(164: 3 23 12DashG 14 0atk)
Battle 4 - TuffBunny, TuffBunny, TuffBunny(152: 23spd* 9 1 27heat-vS 26swdS)
Battle 5 - Sparky, Swordy, MettFire(336+1: 7wswdL 13 23spd* 1wswdL 11)
1187000:33:11CutmanBOSSCutman 600HP(spreader21N 14O 23* 6Q 5M)M-Burst 100x10
1212000:33:53TradeTrade poismaskS for VarswordB. Get this giltchsword!
1391000:38:53Chng.bat7th edit chips. Only slot0 and slot2 can be used for these 5 battles. Compare RNG, I finally chose the slot0 as VarswordB.
Spooky3, Spooky3(15 6 2 0VarB 19)Get chip Recov120S
TuffBunny, TuffBunny, MettFire(2 3 12 0VarB 4)Manipulate luck to get the important chip ZapRing2B from tuffbunny.
Swordy3, Spooky2, Spooky2(0VarB 26 14heatB 3 4)Get chip invis2H.
Mettaur2, TuffBunny, MettFire (13 20 7 0VarB 11)Manipulate luck to get the second ZapRing2B for virus battles.
Square: Goofball300HP(0VarB 29 27 26 18)
1488000:41:36Mother ComputerUse glitch to avoid a focus battle. If you use emulator to watch, you can check option-> video->disable SFX, and watch what happened.
1562000:43:40ShadowmanBOSS: Shadowman 700HP(spreader6Q 15O 3M 23* 21N)M-BurstPA 100x10
Manipulate luck to use M-Burst to shoot shadowman at the first time. And shoot shadowman 4 times to cost RNG for next battle.
After this battle, megaman got a new style.
Now the style point is: CUSTOM 12, GUTS 0, TEAM 0, SHIELD 8. So Megaman got the woodcustom style.
1612000:45:04 Get chip Roll2R from Mayl
1659000:46:22 Go to the left door is faster than the right door.
1666000:46:34ThundermanBOSS Thunderman 700HP(spreader 8 23* 21N 3M 15O 5 6Q)M-Burst100x10
I’m surprised such a amazing luck, that I only need to wait about 30 frames for using these 5 spreader chips again, that no need to edit chips.
I will explain why I shoot cloud to cost RNG in this battle. It’s not for Entertainment, is for manipulating luck.
1732000:48:25PassportPassport: HardHead2, HardHead2, FullFire(11 0VarB 28 24 2 26 4)Get chip Meteor12C
Wait for the best luck, and try my best to shoot virus most times to cost RNG.
8th edit chips. Use this chip be got just now to replace Guard*. And give Guard* to Jim.
1751000:48:56SnakemanBOSSSnakeman 600HP(spreader 22N 23* 27 4M 15O 12 6Q)M-Burst 100x10
I choose the lest chip-edit, and wait some frames for this M-Burst.
1776000:49:3910-chip-traderNow I will explain why I shoot too many times in battles. Because in my first test, I found I have about 500 frames time to get PrismB. I only have 19 chips. I hope I can get PrismB first, and no need to edit chip before beat Protoman, but I have to wait such too long time. So I try to get 3 chips from Mr. Higsby, it cost me 280 frames, but too bad, only 40 frames later, because get chip from this 10-c-t will cost more than 290 frames, too. I can’t trade another chip first. And I would miss a chance that skip chip-edit before beat thunderman. I try to get BrnzFistN from Netopia 2’s GMD to save some frames in virus battle, but take this chip would cost more than 300 frames, still no time. I didn’t have another chance to get chips in the internet. I can get a chip RollR from email, it cost very few RNG, but I have explained I can’t put Roll chips into chip-trader. I can take ticket in airport first, but I would miss a chance that skip chip-edit before beat thunderman, too.
Compare these so many projects, I decide to shoot most times in battles to cost RNG, and traded for VarswordB first. Then edit chips and put VarswordB, ZapRing2B x2 and Roll2R this 4 chips into folder(9th edit chips).At last, trade for PrismB. In this time, I play to get only 1 PrismB, I must use more luck manipulation in next run.
1894000:52:56Protoman10th edit chips, use PrismB to replace one ZapRing2B.
BOSS Protoman 800HP(0VarB 10PrmB 1 8 12 5 17) prism+varswd 160×6=960
1964000:54:54KnightmanBOSS Knightman 800HP(16 20 29 22 5 10PrmB 0VarB)
2005000:56:02 Get chip SilvFistE from a muscular man.
2230001:02:18MagnetmanBOSS Magnetman 1000HP(16atk 15 10PrmB 25 1VarB 27 23) prism+varswd+atk10 170×6=1020
2322001:04:54Freezing Net11th edit chips, white ice: Dominerd, Dominerd, Dominerd(3 27 2SFstE 0 9 5 18 23)
I’m worried about using slot2 as SilvFistE, because slot0 and slot2 have the max chance be chosen, maybe I should put the second VarswordB into slot2. But after complete this tas, I’m glad to say I win the bet.
2359001:05:54 red ice: Handy2, Handy2, Handy2 (11 21 9 15 16 12 0VarB)
2383001:06:36 red ice: Ratty2, Ratty2, Ratty2(9 29 17 15 25 21 0VarB)
2394001:06:55 red ice: Cloudy, Cloudy, Cloudy(11 23 27 25 14 2SFstE 20)
SilvFistE has been locked at slot 2 and 14
2490001:09:36 red ice: Swordy2, Swordy2, Swordy2(0VarB 24 2 17 19 20 16)
2603001:12:45 Give the chip ZapRing2B to NPC
2694001:15:17 red ice: Shrimpy3, Shrimpy3, Shrimpy3(26 19 29 3 21 8 0VarB)
2710001:15:44 yellow ice: Fishy2, Fishy2, Fishy2(7 24 2 1VarB 4 8 6)
Can’t choose slot0, but slot 1 4 6 7 8 is nice, too. I still have big chance to use second VarswordB.
2764001:17:16 yellow ice: Beetank2, Beetank2, Beetank2(24 9 12 26 20 1VarB 0)
2905001:21:11 I must repeat to say this again, that going to left door is faster than right door.
2942001:22:13 white ice: Mettaur2, Mettaur2, Mettaur2(22 11 2 27 10 1VarB 7)
VarswordB has been locked at slot 1 2 7
2951001:22:28 yellow ice: Flappy2, Flappy2, Flappy2(21atk 1VarB 19 23 8 28atk 29)
Total be locked at slot1, I don’t want to wait for slot0. The real gamble begin.
2985001:23:25 Null&Void, Null&Void, Null&Void(11 29 43 0VarB 5 6)
Manipulate luck to make the second sonic wave hit all 3 virus.
3019001:24:22 yellow ice: Flappy3, Flappy3, Flappy3(9Zap2B 15 6atk 3 29 5 0VarB)
Use ZapRing2B to stun the virus.
3028001:24:38 yellow ice: Fishy2, Fishy2, Fishy2 (1VarB 10 22 24 11 13 8)
I want to use ZapRing2B to stun the middle virus, but…
3036001:24:51 yellow ice: Flamey3, Flamey3, Flamey3(7 19 2SFstE 3atk 4 5 6atk)
3045001:25:06FreezeManBOSS FreezeMan 1000HP(15 14 1VarB 6atk 26 7PsmB 29) prism+varswd+atk 170×6=1020
Very dangerous! If I missed this 1 frams, I must wait too many frames for slot0 and slot1. So prismB has been locked at slot 15 14 6 26 7 29. I don’t know why megaman must stand in the far left, otherwise varsword can’t hit prism 6 times.
3213001:29:47 I prass ↘ 2 frames before jack in, to save 1 frame in the future. For this 1 frame, I total lost 5frames, because of avoiding random battle. But it is worth to do, This 1 frame is very very very important! Without this 1 frame, I can’t choose slot0 as prismB, and can’t use only 1 chip-edit to complete last 5 boss battles.
3329001:33:023 Boss Battlesairman quickman cutman
1: 27 1VarB 2 19 15 8 7PsmB
113+3: 13 2 0VarB 17 7PsmB 5 27
225+3+29: 26 6 7PsmB 9 4 29 0VarB
Burst hits prism once, RNG pointer +2; Burst hits boss once, pointer +1; Sonic Wave hit prism once, pointer +1. So all of my hits are be used for manipulate luck.
3369001:34:093 Boss BattlesFor the 1 frame be saved in the past, I finally can use the slot0 as prismB.
12th edit chips: knightman magnetman freezeman
61: 6VarB 18 27 10 0PsmB 28 19
173+1: 0PsmB 29 20atk 3 27 17 6VarB
285+4: 1VarB 24 26 0PsmB 4 20atk 27
3413001:35:22Final BossFake Bass 1000HP(5 18atk 17 19 0PsmB 21 6VarB)prism+varswd+atk10 170x6=1020
Gospel 2000HP(1VarB 18atk 2 0PsmB 4 22atk 6VarB)170x2x6=2040
Manipulate luck to make Gospel to change into Airman, I can hit him earlier.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Replaced submission file with a 77 frames improvement by the author.
Noxxa: Accepting as an improvement to the published movie. Tier will be inherited from its predecessor (Vault).

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